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Types of Pet Urns and Cremation Memorials

Pet Cremation UrnsPet cremations account for the largest percentage of final dispositions for the remains of a pet. As a result, pet owners have seen a growing array of options available for their pet’s ashes. From the customary pet urn to a variety of pet cremation memorials, pet owners can rest assured that finding the perfect vessel for their little friend will be a little easier.

Pet Cremation Urns

For decades pet owners have kept their pet’s ashes in a traditional pet urn, usually in the shape of a square/rectangle or a vase shape with a lid. However, in recent years pet cremation urns have taken on a variety of shapes and styles as the demand for options has increased. Here are some of the traditional and newer pet urn styles available.

Pet Figurine Urns – This relatively new style is a very popular urn. It consists of a wooden rectangular urn with a small figurine of a specific cat or dog breed affixed to the top of the urn. Others are molded from composite or resin materials in the likeness of a life size cat or dog.

Wooden Pet Urns – Made from solid natural woods in an assortment of shapes and finishes, these fine pet urns exhibit warmth through their rich natural tones and textures. Some wood pet urns can have the likeness of your pet laser engraved onto the surface.

Pet Photo Urns – Designed to hold a favorite photograph of your departed pet, these urns are another popular style among pet owners. The ability to showcase a favorite photo of your pet transforms these urns into a remarkable memorial for your pet. They are available in such materials as wood, marble and metal.

Natural Stone Pet Urns – Marble, onyx and granite are the natural stone materials used to create this pet urn. The vase shaped urns are created by means of turning a block of the natural stone on a lathe to create the curvaceous profile. The rectangular and geometric shapes are made by assembling fabricated pieces of the stone with special adhesives.

Metal Pet Urns – Fashioned from a variety of metals including brass, pewter, copper and bronze, metal urns are durable vessels in an array of designs and finishes. Depending on the surface some can be directly engraved with your pet’s name and dates.

Pet Cremation Memorials

Pet owners have shown an interest in vessels other than the traditional urn to store their cherished pet’s ashes. As a result the market has responded with an assortment of cremation memorials to meet this need.

Statuesque Angel Cremation Memorials – Sculpted in the likeness of a heavenly angel frolicking among assorted pets, this cremation memorial is crafted from special outdoor resins. They have an optional pedestal which has a compartment to store the cremated ashes.

Sculptured Dog Garden Memorials – Depicting one of many breeds these outdoor garden pet memorials make an excellent tribute to any cherished pet. They are made from resin materials that will withstand the outdoor elements. The ashes are stored in the base which shields them from the elements.

Pet Cremation Grave Markers – These markers are made from solid granite, yet have a special compartment which holds the cremated ashes of a pet. They can be laser engraved with breed specific artwork or your pet’s actual picture and their name and dates.

Pet Cremation Rock Memorials – Available in materials such as cast stone or poly resin compounds, these rocks are simulated boulders and feature a personalized plaque with your pet’s name and dates. Because of their natural appearance, they are perfect for the pet owner who wishes to display them in an outdoor garden.

Finding a Source

You will find that some veterinary clinics carry pet cremation urns and memorials, but a growing number of online companies such as Everlife Memorials offer an extensive catalog of cremation memorial products to memorialize your pet’s ashes.

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