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Infant Grave Markers - Remembering the Life of an Angel

The loss of a child is a life shattering experience. Little can prepare you for the emotional trauma suffered in such circumstances or for the physical and mental pain of adjustment in the aftermath. 'Letting go' after death is often the most challenging situation you will ever face. Many people in this position find that an infant grave marker can serve as a starting point from which solace can be attained.

Types of Infant Grave Markers

Infant grave markers, also known as baby grave markers are available in several styles, each one having its unique advantages.

Bronze Infant Grave Markers

These baby grave markers are suitable for many modern day memorial park type cemeteries. Bronze infant grave markers consist of a bronze plaque mounted to a base of granite and are designed to lay flat on the ground. Bronze is a rich memorial material that serves as a canvass upon which imagery is cast in relief form representing a sculptured appearance. Some models are available with a bronze vase for the placement of flowers.

Granite Infant Grave Markers

Granite, being one of the hardest stones in existence, makes an excellent choice for an infant grave marker as its durability is unrivaled. Granite infant grave markers come in a variety of styles and different granite colors. Among the different styles there are:

Upright Infant Grave Markers - in which the memorial consists of an upright granite tablet mounted to a sturdy granite base.

Slant Infant Grave Markers - resemble an upright tablet, but are slanted in a way that makes for easy reading of the inscription.

Bevel Infant Grave Markers - designed to set just on top of the ground these are very similar to the flat infant grave markers except for the back end of the bevel marker being slightly raised at an angle for water runoff.

Flat Infant Grave Markers - are the most common since many of the modern day cemeteries and memorial parks reserve 'Infant sections' that only allow a flat granite or bronze infant grave marker. These are designed to lay on the ground slightly submerged for a lawn level appearance.

Many cemeteries have in place rules governing the types of grave markers allowed. Before making a choice, it is best to consult with the cemetery to verify the memorial you want will meet their requirements.

Design Options for Infant Grave Markers

There are many design ideas to consider when creating an infant grave marker. Among them there are teddy bear designs, lamb designs and the ever popular angel designs. Each design can be personalized with the addition of a name, dates and an epitaph.


This process allows you to customize the infant grave marker to reflect the spirit of the precious child. Typically the memorial is lettered with the infant's name and dates. If the infant was a stillborn, the birth/death date is traditionally represented as a single date on the memorial.

Emblems or symbols can be selected to decorate the infant grave marker making it as unique as the child it is for. Emblems and imagery are sometimes chosen for the symbolism they represent, but in many cases a person chooses a design element because they simply like it.

The death of a child is very difficult to overcome. With an nfant grave marker, the bereaved often find comfort in mourning, as well as a pathway to remembrance in later years. In the meantime, may an infant grave marker or headstone provide you with an icon of stability in what is a turbulent and emotional time.