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Words of Comfort Epitaphs

Favored statements and saying that remind us of the true wisdom of life. If you need help in choosing or creating an epitaph these will serve as a good starting point.

WC- 1
Gone, but not forgotten

WC- 2
In Loving Memory of

WC- 3
To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die

WC- 4
Entered into rest

WC- 5
Until we meet again

WC- 6
I shall but love thee better after death

WC- 7
Forever in our hearts

WC- 8
Always in our hearts

WC- 9
At rest with God/ Rest in Peace

WC- 10
Too well loved to ever be forgotten

WC- 11
Asleep in Jesus

WC- 12
Home with God, which is far better

WC- 13
Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever

WC- 14
Everlasting life through Christ

WC- 15
Asleep in Christ Jesus

WC- 16
Beloved of the Lord

WC- 17
The song is ended, but the melody lingers on

WC- 18
Rest in thine, sweet memory ours

WC- 19
Sweetly sleeping

WC- 20
Loving memories last forever

WC- 21
Hasten, oh blessed hour or reunion

WC- 22
Not lost to memory! Not lost to love!
but gone to our Father's house above

WC- 23
Step softly, a dream lies buried here

WC- 24
Your love will light my way,
your memory will ever be with me

WC- 25
What we keep in memory
is ours unchanged forever

WC- 26
Death is only a shadow
across the path to heaven

WC- 27
At the going down of the sun,
and in the morning we will remember them

WC- 28
He longest lives who most to others gives,
himself forgetting

WC- 29
May the souls of the faithful departed
through the mercy of God rest in peace

WC- 30
He gave thee,
He took thee,
and He will restore thee

WC- 31
God could not have made earthly ties
so strong to break them in eternity