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Cremation Lockets That Hold Ashes

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Cremation Lockets

Cremation lockets have entered the world of jewelry offerings as a new way to memorialize a loved one by placing a small amount of the ashes inside. Previously keepsake lockets have been known to hold a small photograph of a loved one or a lock of hair. With the growing demand for cremation options, cremation lockets have filled one more need for memorialization. A cremation locket typically opens with a screw or plug from the top, back side or bottom.

Cremation Locket Styles

There are many styles of cremation lockets and metal finishes available. The most common materials for cremation lockets are 14kt gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, brass and pewter. Here are some examples of the types of cremation lockets available.

Cremation Locket Crosses

Cremation locket crosses are available as plain crosses and filigree crosses in a number of sizes. As a religious symbol they are very popular among Christians.

Heart Cremation Lockets

There are also numerous heart shape cremation lockets in a wide selection of materials and styles. You will find rose hearts, angel hearts, plain hearts, filigree hearts, jeweled hearts and heart lockets made from Lapis Lazuli. The array of available styles ensures you find the perfect one to memorialize your loved one.

Nature Series Lockets

A series of cremation lockets devoted to nature the makes for an excellent choice for admirers of the natural world. You will find animals such as a dove, dolphin, and turtle. There is also plant life such as a rose, maple leaf and acorn.

Locket Cylinders & Vessels

This series follows a more simple style for cremation lockets. You will find cylinder style lockets styled with filigree detail, or adorned with a small heart or human figure. Some of the vessels closely resemble a miniature cremation urn in the traditional vase style. These are commonly referred to as urn necklaces or urn jewelry.

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