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What Types of Memorial Jewelry are There?

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Studies have shown that over the last two decades, consumers of funeral merchandise want more options with regard to memorializing a loved one. With this need comes an ever expanding assortment of memorialization choices. One alternative that has risen as a favorite is memorial jewelry. Memorial jewelry is a unique choice because it can be worn just like any regular piece of jewelry. The main difference is it can be personalized in a way that makes it special with profound sentimental value. There are many forms of memorial jewelry and here we will discuss a few of the popular items available.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a very popular choice among those who have chosen cremation as the means for final disposition of their loved one. Cremation jewelry usually includes both cremation necklaces and cremation bracelets. Both are made in a way that includes a small compartment which can hold a tiny portion of the cremated ashes of a loved one. This type of memorial jewelry is available in several metal finishes such a 14kt gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, titanium, brass and pewter. Some memorial jewelry pieces can be personalized by engraving the name and dates of the person who has passed away.

Glass Cremation Pendants

Glass cremation jewelry are unique pieces of jewelry each one hand crafted by a glass artist. The glass cremation pendants are made by placing a small portion of the cremated ashes into the molten glass before it hardens and shaped into one of many designs. These glass pendants come in an dazzling array of brilliant colors and some even available with a matching pair of earrings.

Glass Cremation Beads

These decorative beads are specially made for bracelets made by Pandora, Biagi and Troll to name a few. They make wonderful gifts to one who wears this type of bracelet and had their beloved pet cremated. Glass cremation beads are crafted in the same way as glass cremation pendants and also available in may of the same brilliant colors.

Fingerprint Memorial Jewelry

Here is another unique piece of memorial jewelry commonly known as Fingerprint memorial jewelry. These fascinating pendants utilize a person's fingerprint taken from a mold kit (provided at time of sale) and duplicated on a charming precious metal pendant. It goes without saying that each of these handsome pendants are truly one of a kind.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

With the exception of the fingerprint memorial pendants, each other type of memorial jewelry discussed above is available for our beloved little family members. Pet cremation jewelry is available in the same designs as offered for people and also specially designed pendants for pets such as a dog bone, ball of yarn or even a paw print. Dogs and cats are commonly memorialized and their ashes can now be part of a personalized memorial keepsake such as one of these memorial jewelry pendants.

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