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Putting the Ashes in a Cremation Pendant

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Cremation pendants are a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one. Purchasing one brings you one step closer to having your loved one close to your heart at all times. Of course once you receive the cremation pendant, then you have the task of filling it with ashes. If you are purchasing a cremation pendant, this article will instruct you on how to properly put the ashes in the pendant.

Important: Before attempting to fill the cremation pendant with ashes read these complete directions.

Step 1

Remove the cap from the cremation pendant and place the funnel in the neck of the pendant.

Step 2

Using a small measuring spoon such as a 1/4tablespoon, fill the cremation pendant with fine ashes leaving room at the top for the closure.

Step 3

After filling the cremation pendant, remove the funnel and clear the remaining cremated ashes from the neck of the pendant with a toothpick.

Step 4

Before gluing the cap, place it on the cremation pendant then remove and replace it several times ensuring clean threads.

Step 5

Lay the cremation pendant on a cloth while preparing to glue it. With a toothpick, spread the glue carefully on the threads inside or outside the neck of pendant (depending on the style of pendant), being very careful not to get glue on the body of the cremation pendant.

Step 6 Pendants with a loop cap

Replace cap of pendant, being careful to position cap properly. Some pendants may have to be left loose a quarter turn to have the loop line up property. This should not be a concern because the glue will adhere and seal the cap to the pendant top.

Line up eye of cap so necklace chain can be threaded from one side of pendant to the other. See instructions. (If pendant is threaded front to back, chain will twist and pendant will not hang correctly.)

Step 7 Pendants with a screw cap

Some filigree cremation pendants are sealed by unscrewing the bottom of pendant. Fill glass cylinder with ashes following steps 1 & 2. Apply one drop of glue to top of glass cylinder cap. Slide glass cylinder into filigree casing press and hold 1 minute. Apply small amount of glue to inside base of silver cap. Screw on cap to secure cylinder.

Other pendants such as Bear, Cherub and Tear Drop cremation pendants are filled by removing screw from bottom of the pendants. Epoxy is applied to inside of opening and screw is replaced.

Epoxy bonds in five minutes. We recommend a 24-hour waiting period before the pendants are worn to insure full bond strength.

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