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Cremation Urns for Ashes

Here you will find a large and unique collection of urns all conveniently located in our online store.

When a loved one has passed on, it is often up to the surviving family members to take care of the last details including their final resting place. If your loved one was cremated, their ashes will need to scattered, if this was their wish, or placed in a permanent vessel. Cremation urns pull double duty serving as a vessel to contain the ashes and also as a memorial paying tribute to their life.

Bronze Urns Wood Urns
Durable bronze urns crafted from various methods more info
Many woods and styles to choose from more info
Ceramic Urns Brass Urns
Heat fired urns with brilliant glazes and colors more info
An economical choice in various finishes more info
Biodegradable Urns & Green Urns Cultured Marble Urns
Environmentally friendly urns for sea and Earth burial more info
An economical alternative to the real thing more info
Glass Urns Sculpted Urns
Hand blown glass by a skilled artist more info
Artistically designed and handsomely crafted sculpted urns more info
Cloisonné Urns Natural Marble Urns
Handcrafted using ancient Chinese methods more info
Natural beauty and uniqueness more info
Keepsake Urns Religious Urns
Ideal for keeping a portion of cremated remains more info
For the religious person more info
Sports Urns & Recreation Urns Companion Urns For Two
Themed urns for the sports & recreation enthusiast more info
Capable of holding the ashes of two persons more info
Child & Infant Urns Travel Silk Urns
Memorials for little angels more info
Ideal for traveling on airlines, TSA compliant more info
Metal Urns Military Urns, Fireman Urns & Police Urns
Urns made from various metals more info
A variety of military and public service urns more info
Burial Urns & Vaults
These vaults are designed to protect urns when buried more info

Finding the Perfect Urn

You will find cremation urns in a wide assortment of materials, styles and themes one of which will reflect the spirit of you beloved family member. Selecting the right vessel can feel like a daunting task especially if you were not given any direction. When trying to find the perfect urn consider the kind of life they lived. Were they religious? Did your loved one like any particular sports? Were they artistic or did they appreciate the arts? Ask yourself questions that will reveal the kind of spirit your loved one had. You will most likely want to select a memorial urn which embodies their soul and spirit.

Knowing What Kind of Urn You Need

In some cases a particular type of urn is necessary. For example, if you are flying the ashes across the country in an airplane and want to take the ashes with you on board, then you will need a cremation urn that is TSA compliant. Having the wrong urn can have you banned from the flight. Lets say you are going to bury the urn in a cemetery grave space. Many cemeteries require that an urn burial vault be used in conjunction with the cremation urn. If your loved one wanted their ashes released in the sea or scattered over a certain place, we have biodegradable urns that will disintegrate in water or special urns for scattering the cremated ashes.

Learning More About Urns and Cremation

For most this is the first time having to purchase a cremation urn. If this is the case for you, we have an assortment of articles written especially for you. The content that follows covers many aspects of urns, cremation and cremation products.

Purchasing Cremation Urns

You probably have not had to purchase a cremation urn, yet if that time is now you are faced with many questions. You can learn about the different aspects of purchasing cremation urns. This section features articles that discuss topics such as purchasing an urn online, finding a suitable urn for outdoors or finding more options for the cremated ashes of your loved one.

7 Tips for Buying Urns Online
For most, purchasing a cremation urn is a first time experience. This series of articles offers help and advice for which kind of urn to buy to where to buy it from.

What Size Urn Do I Need?
Cremation urns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and with so many options one may wonder what is the appropriate size cremation urn for their loved one. In deciding on the right size urn to purchase there are a couple of considerations to be made.

Suitable Urns For Outdoors and Burial
This article details the specific types of urns that can be used for outdoors and burial.

Personalization Options for Funeral Urns
Learn about the different options for personalizing your loved one's funeral cremation urn. From direct engraving on the cremation urn to engraved nameplates there is a host of choices available.

Sympathy Gifts for the Bereaved
Sympathy gifts are a unique way to tell someone you care about their loss. If you know of someone who has recently lost a family member, here are a few sympathy gifts to consider.

Storage Options for Cremated Ashes
The rise of cremation necessitates the options for dealing with the cremated ashes for a loved one. Learn about storage options for the cremated ashes

Types of Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are available in a wide assortment of materials and styles. The articles in this section discuss the many types of urns as well as the materials used to construct them.

Infant Urns: Remembrance of an Angel
All can agree that losing a child or infant is the most tragic kind of loss there is. Selecting an urn for an infant or child will be difficult and this article will help inform you of the different type of infant and child urns that are available.

What are Keepsake Urns?
In many cases a family member will want to keep a small portion of the cremated ashes. Keepsake urns

are the perfect vessel and can be used by several family members if all want to keep their beloved family member close by.

Marble Urns: Natural Beauty in a Unique Urn
Marble is revered as one of the most beautiful natural stones when polished to a high sheen. It also makes a gorgeous urn lending it's uniqueness to make a truly one of a kind memorial for a departed family member.

Cloisonne Urns: The Elegance of Chinese Artistry
The art form of cloisonne metalworking has crossed over to funeral urns creating some of the most majestic looking vessels. These urns are completely handcrafted using ancient techniques that have been around for thousands of years.

Ceramic Urns: An Exquisite Memorial
Most people think of ceramics being used in flatware, flooring and vases to name a few of its uses. Urns made from ceramics are among the most popular kinds being sold today.

The Ageless Splendor of Wood Urns
Another beauty of nature, wood is used to create soulful urn vessels that embody warmth and timeless beauty. The many types of woods and construction techniques make for limitless choices in wood urns.

Biodegradable Urns: Preserving the Earth for Future Generations
'Going green' has made its way even into the funeral industry and urns that are Earth friendly are coming into demand. These urns can be used in water dispersion as well as ground burial accelerating one's return to the Earth.

Bronze Urns: Durable Memorials to Honor a Loved One
The most durable of all urn materials, bronze is an ancient alloy that commands attention when used in the creation of an urn memorial. Bronze is commonly used in its sculpted form creating magnificent works of art.

Cremation Articles

You can educate yourself with several aspects of cremation in this section of articles. Learn about the history of cremation, the cremation process and other interesting topics such as scattering ashes by air.

Ashes to Ashes: The Cremation Process Explained
Have you ever been curious what goes on during the cremation process? This article details the procedures involved in this fast growing funeral trend.

A Guide to Cremation Memorialization
Memorializing a loved on who has been cremated opens up many options. Used to be all one could do was either scatter a loved one's ashes or place them in an urn. Now, there are many ideas coming to market and giving family members limitless choices on memorializing your departed loved one.

The History of Cremation
How long has cremation been around? Where did it start? Who were the first people to utilize this burial method? These are the most common questions asked about the history of cremation and this article sheds much light on the subject.

Scattering Ashes by Air
Scattering the ashes of a loved one by air is an affordable option many choose as the demand for cremation rises. Aerial scattering offers a means of closure to families who are ready to take the final step in the grieving process.

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