Pet Loss Resources for Grieving Pet Owners

If you have just lost a pet or are about to lose one, these resources are a good starting point. You’ll find articles and information about pet grief, finding support, making final arrangements and memorializing your cherished pet.

Pet Loss Resources

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Finding Pet Loss Support

Directories for Pet Aftercare

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Articles and Guides

Pet Loss ArticlesIs it Okay to Grieve for Your Pet?
Losing a pet can be as painful as losing a family member - in fact our pets are family members, and it is normal to grieve for their loss as we would any other loved one.

Anticipating Pet Loss and How to Prepare
Knowing your beloved pet's days are numbered can be the start of the grieving process for many and this article can help you understand and prepare for the inevitable.

Pet Grief Support: Who Can I Talk To?
Finding someone that understands pet grief and what you are going through can be difficult. Here are some avenues to consider when looking for a good set of ears.

Helping Your Child Cope With Pet Loss
For a child, the loss of a pet is especially difficult. If your family has recently lost a pet, or if you are anticipating the loss of a pet that is old or sick, it’s a good idea to get ready for a realistic discussion with your child.

Did You Feed Your Deceased Pet Today?
Adjusting to life without your beloved pet can be hard. We sometimes find ourselves continuing with some of the routines we established with our pet only to realize they are really gone.

Aftercare: What to do With Your Pet's Body
Whether choosing pet cremation or pet burial you will find an array of companies to help you plan the final disposition of your pet's body and memorialize them for years to come.

Pet Memorials: Purchasing Products to Honor Your Cherished Pet
It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but a well-chosen pet memorial such as a pet urn, grave marker or cremation jewelry can help soothe some of the pain and keep your pet’s memory alive.

Holding A Memorial Service For Your Pet
Here are some wonderful options for holding a memorial service for your beloved pet.

Finding Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss SupportPet Loss Counselors
Find a grief counselor in your area for private one on one therapy.

Pet Loss Support Groups
If you like to discuss your feeling amongst others try to locate a pet loss support group in your area.


Directories for Pet Aftercare

Pet Aftercare Directories Pet Cremation Service Directory
Find a cremation provider that specializes in pet cremations within your area.

Pet Cemetery Directory
Choosing pet burial in a pet cemetery? This directory will help you locate the closest pet cemteries in your area.

Pet Funeral Home Directory
With a growing number of pet owners electing to have a memorial service for their pets, this directory lists the few, but growing number of facilities catering to pet funerals.

Additional Pet Loss Resources & Articles

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets
Pet Loss Grief Support Website
In Memory of Pets
Chance's Spot - Pet Loss & Support Resources
Petropolis; It's Now Public: Pet Owners Do Cry

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