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How Are Ceramic Pictures Secured?

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Many of our customers wonder how these ceramic pictures are secured to the memorial or surface of their choosing. Whether ordered as a stand alone ceramic picture or with a frame they are shipped with a unique adhesive bonding tape called VHB™ Tape which is manufactured by the 3M™ company.

3M™ VHB™ Tapes
Tough applications with proven performance

For over 20 years, 3M VHB Tape has been making a name for itself among design and manufacturing engineers. Now imagine where you can go in a world without rivets, screws, and welding. Your designs would be sleeker: seamless. Major equipment could be eliminated: labor and materials could cost less. And the finished product, overall, could be lighter, quieter, and more efficient. Best of all, you would be freed from the restraints of working with mechanical fasteners. You could design projects the way you want. You could join dissimilar materials and set new standards for strength and aesthetics. Impossible? Hardly, you can dream it, design it, and produce it - just the way you want it - by replacing your mechanical fasteners with 3M VHB tape. Flexible, durable, versatile, and strong. 3M VHB tape will allow you to conceive projects you care about... and achieve results you’ve dreamed about.

Why VHB?
What makes 3M VHB Tape so extraordinary?

The first thing you notice about 3M VHB tape is the sheer beauty it affords. Your completed projects look better than they did on paper: there are no visual interruptions for screws, rivets, welding, or any type of fastener. But beauty is not the only advantage.

3M VHB tape consistently outperforms traditional fasteners in these vital areas.

Strength and Durability: 3M VHB tape’s all acrylic construction provides strength and durability in extreme applications. VHB tape resists stress, fatigue, vibration, heat, cold, temperature cycling, moisture, solvents, and UV light. Unlike mechanical fasteners which concentrate stress, 3M VHB tape provides a continuous bond - distributing stress along the entire surface.

Bonds and Seals: 3M VHB tape’s foam is 100 percent closed cell; as it bonds it creates a durable shield. Liquids can be sealed in or out. And a protective barrier is formed which resists stress and fatigue.

Viscoelasticity: An important property of 3M VHB tape is viscoelasticity. Visco- for viscous flow of 3M VHB into the microstructure of the substrates that are being bonded and -elasticity for the elastic nature of 3M VHB tape. Viscoelastic materials have the unique ability for energy absorption and stress relaxation, both of which are important for dynamic strength and vibration damping.

Product Attributes:

  • Fast, easy assembly
  • No drilling, riveting, welding, screw fastening, or cleanup
  • Eliminates grinding and refinishing
  • Damps vibration and noise
  • Absorbs impact
  • Joins dissimilar materials
  • Compensates for differential thermal expansion or contraction.
  • Lighter, less expensive materials
  • Uniform thickness
  • Die cutting available
  • Resists plasticizer migration
  • No investment in major equipment
  • Minimal application training

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