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How to Install Granite Vases on a Headstone Monument

For best results with epoxy, make sure outside temperature is above 55°F.

Items Needed
Supplies for installing granite vases

In addition to these instructions and the epoxy we have provided, you will need a few household items.

1. Knife grade epoxy (not liquid as it is too messy to work with)
2. Low tack painters tape
3. Ruler or measuring tape
4. Paper towels
5. Small water supply (or solvent to clean the epoxy)
6. Windex
7. Single edge razor blade
8. Putty knife
9. Flat piece of cardboard or paper plate

Step 1 Cleaning the Granite Surface

The first thing to do is identify the position on the monument where the granite monument vases will sit. This is usually on either side of the die (the upright portion of the monument). Using Windex clean the area very well making sure there is no residue left behind. After the initial cleaning, take your hand a run it over the surface you just cleaned. If it doesn’t feel like glass (that is if it is a polished surface) and you feel slight coarseness, this may be due to stubborn debris or mineral deposits from excessive watering. It is very important to remove this debris as you want the epoxy to stick to the actual granite and not the debris. Take your single edge razor blade and holding it at about a 45° angle scrape the surface of the granite removing the debris. Once you have finished this clean with Windex again then give it a final rinse with water.

Cleaning the granite surface

Step 2 Positioning the Vase

After the surface has thoroughly dried, take the cemetery vases and place them in position where you want them to sit. Using a ruler or measuring tape, make sure there is equal distance from front to back and then from side to side. Once you have them in position, take the painter’s tape or masking tape and use 3 small pieces of tape to mark the position of the vase. Then remove the granite vases and place them upside down on the ground next to the mounting position.

Measure the position of the vase Placing tape to mark the vase position

Step 3 Mixing the Epoxy

Next mix all of the epoxy using the putty knife and flat piece of cardboard or paper plate. Make very sure that epoxy is thoroughly mixed. Mix well according to the manufacturers directions. If you are using an epoxy that was not provided make sure it is suitable for natural stone.

Mix the poxy according to directions

Step 4 Applying the Epoxy

Using the putty knife apply some epoxy to the bottom of the vase. Spread it all over the bottom for thorough coverage, then scrap it toward the center of the base. You’ll want to apply just enough so that when you set the vase and press down on it the epoxy thoroughly covers the space between the vase and the granite surface but it does not ooze out excessively from the sides. Since you have at least 15-30 minutes working time with this epoxy, it is best to start with a small amount and if needed you can always lift up the granite vase and add a little more.

Apply epoxy to the bottom of the vase

Step 5 Installing the Vases

After you spread the epoxy on the bottom of the vase, turn it right side up and place it within the 3 pieces of tape you used to mark the position. Make sure to locate the drain hole and position the vase so it points outward to the side of the monument and not the back or front. Use your body’s weight to press down on the vase to ensure the epoxy spreads evenly between the granite vase and surface.

Set the vase in position Position the weep hole facing outward

Step 6 Clean Up

Remove the pieces of tape. Using the straight edge razor blade, scrap up any excess epoxy that seeps out from the bottom of the vase. Then get a damp paper towel and wipe up any epoxy residue that remains.

Used razor blade to remove excess Clean off excess epoxy with appropriate cleaner

Final Step

If the base of the monument is not level the granite vase could slide off its position before the epoxy fully sets. To prevent this get a couple of long pieces of tape and secure the base of the vase to the surface where it sits. This is to prevent the vase from sliding off its position while the epoxy cures. Please allow up to 24 hours for the epoxy to fully harden before you remove the tape.
Apply tape to hold vase in place The tape will keep vase from moving while epoxy cures