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Home > Memorial Products > Headstones > Bronze Date of Death Scrolls

Bronze Death Date Scrolls for Grave Markers

Bronze Date of Death Scrolls
Bronze Date Scrolls

Are available in month, day &    year format as well as year date    only format
Can be mailed directly to your
   home address
Are easily installed with a phillips
   or flat screw driver
Will complete your loved one's
   bronze memorial
Can be ordered right here by
   following a few simple steps

Here's how to get your loved one's bronze death date scroll

Ordering Your Bronze Date of Death Scroll

Like automobile manufacturers, there are many manufacturers of bronze grave markers. The first step in ordering your bronze death date scroll is to determine which bronze memorial manufacturer made it. This may be difficult as some monument dealers who sold the bronze memorial are no longer in business or the cemetery may not have records of who manufactured it.

Not to worry. We'll help you find the right manufacturer for the bronze memorial and issue a quote to you for the bronze date scroll.

NOTE: Although this may seem like a tedious process it is necessary to ensure you get the exact bronze death date scroll for your loved one's bronze memorial.

Here is what we need to get you a quote for the bronze death date scroll:

  • A photograph of the complete bronze memorial design
  • A close up picture of the bronze death date scroll
  • The measurements of the scroll

1. Photographing the Bronze Scroll and Memorial

Before photographing the bronze grave marker and date of death scroll, make sure the area to be photographed is fairly clean. It is also best to ensure there is plenty of light to get a good photograph. Here are a couple of sample photographs of a bronze grave marker and a close up of the bronze date of death scroll.

Provide a photograph of the entire bronze memorial design

Bronze Grave Marker - full design

Take a close up photograph of the existing bronze scroll

Bronze Date of Death Scroll close up picture

2. Measure the Bronze Death Date Scroll

It is important to accurately measure the existing bronze date scroll so we can recommend the correct death date scroll to be ordered. Please measure to the nearest 1/16th of an inch and provide the measurements in written form. DO NOT submit measurements as a photo with a tape measure or ruler laid over the scroll. It is hard to accurately read these due to the tape not being flat on the bronze scroll or the angle of the photo in relation to the tape measure. Submit the measurements as follows:

Length: 4"
Height: 1-1/8"
Screws/Holes: 3-1/2" center to center
Text: 3/4" H

Again, please don't submit photos with a ruler/tape measure laid over the scroll.

Incorrect way to send measurements

There are 2 types of scrolls. The first is a Split Scroll where only the date of death will be needed. The second is a Standard Scroll whereas the name, date of birth and date of death are cast on the scroll.

Measuring a Bronze Split Scroll

A split scroll is where the dates are split on 2 separate 'tabs' and screwed into place. We will need several measurements for the split scroll:

  • The width of the scroll
  • The height of the scroll
  • The distance between the screws center to center
  • The height of the text

Bronze tri scroll measurements

Measuring a Standard Scroll

Many standard scrolls have odd shapes and are not a perfect rectangles. It is important to measure to the widest points on the scroll. We will need the following measurements.

  • The width of the scroll (to the widest points)
  • The height of the scroll (from the very top to the very bottom)
  • The distance between the screws center to center
  • The height of the text

Bronze standard scroll measurements

3. Send Us the Collected Information for a Quote

When you have all the information collected, please send it in an email by clicking on the link below. We'll research which bronze manufacturer makes the bronze date of death scroll and give you a quote.

To recap here is what you will email to us for a bronze scroll quote:

  1. A photograph of the full bronze memorial showing the entire plaque and design
  2. A close up photograph of the bronze scroll
  3. The following measurements of an existing bronze date scroll:
    - Length (left to right)
    - Width (top to bottom)
    - Distance between screw holes (center to center)
    - Height of text (name & dates)
  4. Also include your name and contact information such as a phone number and email.

Send the above information to support@everlifememorials.com or by clicking on the button below.

Click here to email us

Once we receive this information we'll research which manufacturer makes the bronze date scroll and issue a quote to you. Please understand that we can identify the bronze manufacturer and provide a quote most of the time. However, there are instances when we cannot identify the manufacturer due to the fact that they may no longer be in business.

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