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Granite & Marble Urns

Match your loved one’s refined personality with the startling appearance of a natural marble urn. Each stone cremation urn is cut, crafted and polished by hand from differently colored, veined and sourced marbles and stones. The marble urns, available in many colors, are durable and make for great centerpieces.
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Dark Green Marble Urn Zhou Teakwood Marble Liang Teakwood Marble Urn
Liang Fossil Marble Urn Legacy Marble Urn Harvest Moon Urn
Blue Waters Urn Canyon Sunset Urn Prosperity
Our Price: $324.00
Coconut Grove Crest Marble Urn Seaside
Coconut Grove
Our Price: $324.00
Crest Marble
Our Price: $357.00
Our Price: $397.00
Dogwood Marble Urn Evermore Square Marble Urn Evermore Companion Marble Urn
Our Price: $429.00
Evermore Square
Our Price: $437.00
Evermore Companion
Our Price: $438.00

Marble Urns are one of the most beautiful lines of cremation urns available. No other material will match its allure and sheer elegance. As a result of the veining and natural characteristics of marble, it makes an excellent choice for a cremation urn. A marble urn represents a truly remarkable collaboration between nature and man in the offering of breathtakingly carved works of art. They are as unique as the person it is for. No two urns will ever look exactly alike.

Natural Stone Marble

Marble is stone that started off as limestone and through the process of metamorphosis turned into what we know as marble. It is generally polished and used in fine building work, furniture, or decorative art. Marble is quarried in large chunks, cut from the surrounding rock and brought to mills where the stone can be further processed. The deep shine we see on polished marble is achieved by rubbing the stone with a series of abrasive materials. The process is very similar to sanding a piece of wood. The marble is rubbed with a coarse abrasive grit, followed by finer grits until the stone becomes smooth to the point of reflection.

Turned Marble Urns

The process of making a turned marble urn entails the use of a stone lathe in which a block of natural stone is placed on a spindle. The spindle turns the piece of stone as diamond tipped tools are utilized to remove the undesired parts revealing the beautiful urn inside the block of stone. Once the shape is attained the natural stone block is taken through a series of abrasives while on the spindle to smooth the inner and outer walls of the urn. The urn is then finished with a high polish that is glass like in appearance. The end result is a beautiful marble urn with curves resembling a vase.

Fabricated Marble Urns

This process requires the use of marble tiles around 3/8" to 1/2" in thickness and rectangular in shape. The pieces are cut to size by means of a water fed stone saw then adhered together with an epoxy suitable for natural stone. These beautiful marble urns usually are angular in shape and some may have option of applying an appliqué of bronze or brass on the front side.

Care of Marble Urns

Marble, since it is primarily limestone, is extremely susceptible to acids, including citric acid and vinegar. They have the effect of etching the surface of the marble urn. You will also want to keep your marble urn away from any oils as they will absorb beneath the urn surface and may permanently discolor it. Should any of these harmful liquids come in contact with a marble urn, quickly wipe it clean then wash with a mild solution of detergent and water giving it a final rinse of plain water.