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Cemetery Vases for Headstones

We offer many beautiful cemetery vases for monuments, grave markers and headstones.

We offer an affordable assortment of cemetery vases made from durable materials and designed to weather the elements. If your loved one’s headstone is an upright monument and there is room on either side of the granite base, then there is a chance you could add cemetery vases to hold flowers. We also have in-ground cemetery vase units for flat grave markers.
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Bronze Vase with Granite Base Matthews Bronze Vase Matthews Bronze Vase
Gorham Bronze Vase Bronze Crypt Vase 2484 American Bronze Craft Vase
Bronze Crypt Vase 2484
Our Price: $297.00
Replacement Endura Plastic Vase w/Oval Bronze base Matthews Lotus Bronze Vase Plug Matthews Bronze Vase Plug
Matthews Bronze Vase Plug
Our Price: $259.00
Granit-Bronz Vase Plug Matthews Bronze Vase w/Cross Sheidow Bronze Vase
Granit-Bronz Vase Plug
Our Price: $189.00
Matthews Bronze Vase & Ring Matthews Lotus Ring Gorham Bronze Vase Ring
Lotus Vase Ring
Our Price: $294.00
Gorham Bronze Vase Ring
Our Price: $249.00

What Kind of Cemetery Vases are Available?

Cemetery vases are available in a range of materials and styles, but here are a few of the popular ones:

Granite Cemetery Vases – Are usually made from solid granite and shaped in many designs. The most common designs are tapered square granite vases and turned granite vases. The tapered square granite cemetery vases are made using large granite saws which fashion the granite vases in to rectangular shapes with a tapered bottom. Turned granite vases are made from a block of granite which is placed on a stone lathe and turned to give it a more traditional vase shape. Granite vases are common as an accessory to an upright monument and are usually purchased in pairs.

Marble Flower Vases - Are very similar to granite vases, but made of the much softer marble material. All of our marble vases are made only in the traditional turned vase style.

Bronze Cemetery Vases – These vases are specially made to go with bronze grave markers. Bronze vases are cast from rich memorial bronze and normally available in a variety of bronze finishes. Bronze manufacturers make bronze cemetery vases that have unique mounting systems which only work with that particular manufacturer’s bronze markers.

Metal Cemetery Vases – An economical choice, aluminum cemetery vases can be added just to about any cemetery memorial. The versatility of metal makes these cemetery vases available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes. Metal cemetery vases can be placed on a headstone or made with a sleeve to be placed in ground. Two of the most common types of metal used for these vases are aluminum and zinc.

Installing Cemetery Vases

Due to the different kinds of cemetery vases, each type utilizes a different mounting method. The granite cemetery vases typically utilize an epoxy suitable for stone to adhere the vases to the granite base. Bronze cemetery vases have a unique base that is designed to lock in place in the vase hole opening of the bronze grave marker. Metal cemetery vases can be mounted in several ways, but the most common is utilizing a high bonding tape system when applying to a flat surface or using a metal sleeve and support system when placing in an in-ground situation.