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Pet Caskets & Pet Coffins

When a pet dies there are two options for the final disposition of the body - cremation and burial. If choosing pet burial, whether in a pet cemetery or on private property, it is best to select a pet casket to encase their body before placing them in the grave. Pet coffins and caskets are the dignified way of properly laying your beloved little friend to rest.

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Economy Pet Casket in Black
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Economy Pet Casket in White
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Purchasing Pet Coffins for Your Darling Pet

For many pet owners, finding a pet coffin for your furry little friend can be a daunting task if you do not know where to look. Thanks to the Internet there is a multitude of online stores such as Everlife Memorials from which pet caskets can be purchased. Everlife Memorials offers free ground delivery on all pet caskets and pet coffins. Your order comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like it – simply return the pet casket in resalable condition and we will gladly refund the original purchase price

Pet Casket Materials for a Variety of Looks and Uses

Available in a variety of materials, shapes and styles, pet caskets will comfortably accommodate most any size pet there is. There is the octagonal pet casket which is perfect for placing small animals in the ever memorable curled up sleeping position.

Sturdy yet economical plastic pet caskets fulfill the need for individuals searching for cheap pet caskets as well as one that will withstand the forces associated with underground burial.

The eco-friendly biodegradable pet casket is designed with preserving the environment in mind. Made from harvested bark and using no metal components in its construction, this pet casket is the perfect choice for a pet green burial.

For a more natural look, there is the faux wood pet caskets that mimic the look of a real pet wooden casket, but at an affordable price. They feature a cloth lining and pillow.

Water proof pet caskets ensure an airtight seal which prevents the elements from entering the casket and affecting you pet. They also help to prevent other animals fro picking up the scent and trying to uncover the pet casket.

Burying your Pet Casket

Deciding where you will bury your pet’s coffin is very important consideration in the process. If utilizing a grave space in a pet cemetery, check with the cemetery staff to determine if any pet casket requirements or guidelines are in place. The cemetery may also charge a burial fee to open and close the grave for your pet.

If you choose to bury the pet casket at your home, first check with local ordinances to make sure it is within the law and what restrictions or guidelines are in place. If you are burying the pet casket on a farm or out in the country, then there is little concern for restrictions. Just make certain to use a sealed pet coffin to prevent wild animals from picking up the scent and trying to uncover the pet casket.