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Miscellaneous Biblical Marble Statues

Donít let the loss of a loved one shatter your faith in God; install a bonded marble statue. Each bonded marble statue represents a specific biblical scene, figure or animal motif, and is both durable and detailed. The ivory white marble statues are also available in different sizes and styles.
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Pieta RMS-157 Crucifixion Group RMS-349 Dove RMS-453
Pieta RMS-157
$198.00 - $3,869.00
Dove RMS-453
Our Price: $269.00
Holy Family RMS-486 Lady With Flowers RMS-602 Kneeling Lady RMS-600
Holy Family RMS-486
Our Price: $447.00
Lady With Flowers RMS-602
Our Price: $709.00
Kneeling Lady RMS-600
Our Price: $794.00
Lady In Mourning RMS-183 Kneeling Lady with Flowers
Lady In Mourning RMS-183
Our Price: $1,049.00