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Wood Urns & Wooden Cremation Urns

Give your loved one the peacefulness of nature, beyond life itself, with a wood urn. Each wooden cremation urn – minimalist in design – is handcrafted and polished to perfection. The sheer variety of woods, styles and pricing available in wood urns ensures that there’s one that’s ideal for your loved one.
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Loving Memory Vertical Urn Loving Memory Horizontal Urn Walnut Scattering Urn
Loving Memory Vertical Urn
Our Price: $213.00
Walnut Scattering Urn
Our Price: $269.00
Vintage Wine Wood Urn Cedar Ridge Wood Urn Cedar Path Wood Urn
Vintage Wine Wooden Urn
Our Price: $298.00
Cedar Ridge Urn
Our Price: $298.00
Cedar Path Urn
Our Price: $312.00
Ancestree Wood Urn Uniquely Yours Urn Rose Mist Wood Urn
Ancestree Wood Urn
Our Price: $318.00
Uniquely Yours Urn
Our Price: $337.00
Rose Mist Wood Urn
Our Price: $342.00
Cherry Urn Memory Box Walnut Octagon Wood Urn Oak Octagon Wood Urn
Cherry Urn Memory Box
Our Price: $348.00
Walnut Octagon Wood Urn
Our Price: $354.00
Oak Octagon Cremation Urn
Our Price: $354.00
Love Birds Individual Urn Rugged Cross Urn Walnut Woodsculpt Urn
Love Birds Urn
Our Price: $354.00
Rugged Cross Urn
Our Price: $354.00
Walnut Woodsculpt Urn
Our Price: $358.00

Warm to the eye and smooth to the touch, wood urns have an endearing appeal that soothes and comforts the bereaved. A creation of nature shaped by the hands of man, each urn is lovingly fashioned from natural solid wood, and capable of bringing understated elegance to any memorial display founded in honor of the deceased.

A tranquil focus for the bereaved at a memorial service or on the mantelpiece at home, wood urns have an enduring and endearing character that makes them one of the most admired urns available today.

The Life of Wood

From nature to your home; a variety of hardwoods are procured from renewable forests for the creation of your loved one's urn memorial. Woods such as Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple and exotics like Burmese Teak wood and Lignum Vitae bring their own personality to the wood urns crafted.

Types of Wood Urns

Assembled Wood Urns - Rectangular or angled wood urns are made from the solid planks of wood cut to specified dimensions. The urns are then hand assembled with the greatest of care by skilled carpenters and craftsmen with reassurance that each urn preserves its distinctive character.

Turned Wood Urns - Cylindrical or vase shaped wood urns are painstakingly turned on a wood lathe to create the handsomely unique shapes available. Wood turning is considered an art form and as such each urn crafted is a resulting work of art.

Inlaid Wood Urns - Featuring beautifully crafted designs from a multitude of inlaid woods, these urns may feature geometric patterns, spiritual motifs or tranquil scenery.

Hand Carved Wood Urns - Crafted by skilled artists, these wood urns embody the look of a master creation. Carefully executed works of art, each urn, with its detailed intricacies, will beckon for consideration from its resting place.

Laser Engraved Wood Urns - Utilizing the modern technology of lasers, these wood urns bring new possibilities as detailed and complex designs are commonly feasible. This media now makes possible the likeness of a loved one to adorn the urn's surface along with personalization.

Wooden urns unmistakably bring a demure sense of occasion to a memorial service, interment or scattering. As the grain of each wood urn is as individual in character as the life being mourned, then it seems only fitting that a wood urn is selected to memorialize the passing of a life.