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Cremation Urns for Ashes

Here you will find a large and unique collection of urns all conveniently located in our online store.

When a loved one has passed on, it is often up to the surviving family members to take care of the last details including their final resting place. If your loved one was cremated, their ashes will need to scattered, if this was their wish, or placed in a permanent vessel. Cremation urns pull double duty serving as a vessel to contain the ashes and also as a memorial paying tribute to their life.

Finding the Perfect Urn

You will find cremation urns in a wide assortment of materials, styles and themes one of which will reflect the spirit of you beloved family member. Selecting the right vessel can feel like a daunting task especially if you were not given any direction. When trying to find the perfect urn consider the kind of life they lived. Were they religious? Did your loved one like any particular sports? Were they artistic or did they appreciate the arts? Ask yourself questions that will reveal the kind of spirit your loved one had. You will most likely want to select a memorial urn which embodies their soul and spirit.

Knowing What Kind of Cremation Urn You Need

In some cases a particular type of urn is necessary. For example, if you are flying the ashes across the country in an airplane and want to take the ashes with you on board, then you will need a cremation urn that is TSA compliant. Having the wrong urn can have you banned from the flight. Lets say you are going to bury the urn in a cemetery grave space. Many cemeteries require that an urn burial vault be used in conjunction with the cremation urn. If your loved one wanted their ashes released in the sea or scattered over a certain place, we have biodegradable urns that will disintegrate in water or special urns for scattering the cremated ashes.

Learning More About Urns and Cremation

For most this is the first time having to purchase a cremation urn. If this is the case for you, we have an assortment of articles written especially for you. Click here to read more on urns and cremation.