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Granite Gravestones

One of the most popular styles of cemetery memorials, granite cemetery markers are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and designs.
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Granite Gravestones

If your loved one is buried in a cemetery there is a good chance you will need a cemetery marker to mark their grave. Granite gravestones are by far the most popular type there are. They are available in such a variety of styles, shapes and granite colors giving you limitless possibilities when creating a memorial for your loved one. On our website we offer 2 main types of granite markers. They are sandblasted gravestones and laser engraved gravestones.

Sandblasted Gravestones

These gravestones are made by utilizing a rubber stencil that is adhered to the polished granite surface of the marker. The design and lettering are cut out exposing the granite surface. The monument is then placed in a booth where the sandblasting occurs. High air pressure forces sand through a hose and nozzle which then carves the design and lettering into the granite.

Laser Engraved Gravestones

Made from jet black granite, these gravestones start with a design a lettering that is put together on a computer with a graphics program such as Photoshop. The finished design is then converted to an image format that the laser engraving machine can interpret. The laser is set up on a CNC machine which makes numerous passes over the granite surface etching the design and lettering onto the surface. Laser engraved memorials bring many possibilities since they can reproduce photographs and fine artwork. The etching contrasts nicely with the black polished granite background and makes for a stunning memorial.

There are many places from which you can purchase a cemetery marker such as the cemetery, a local monument dealer or an online company such as ours. Before you make any purchase you may first want to read articles such as Tips For Buying Head Stones Online and Choosing the Right Monument Dealer.