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Infant Urns & Urns for Children

Our infant urns for children are crafted from quality woods, bronze, marbles and hand blown glasses. There is a variety infant urns one of which will serve as a fitting memorial tribute and vessel for a baby angel that has gone to heaven.
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Teddy Bear Scattering Tube Plush Cremation Keepsakes: Husky Plush Cremation Keepsakes: Koala
Plush Cremation Keepsakes: Leopard Plush Cremation Keepsakes: Lion Plush Cremation Keepsakes: Monkey
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Plush Cremation Keepsakes: White Snow Leopard Plush Cremation Keepsakes: Curley Bear Kaleidoscope: Olive
Kaleidoscope: Olive
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The loss of a child or infant that has brought so much hope and joy is a life shattering experience. Little can prepare you for the grief and emotional trauma suffered in such circumstances. In facing the grief of your loss and looking for an avenue to the acceptance of the loss, you may find the need to choose an infant urn.

We hope that as you visit our urns catalog that you will find the comfort and stability in what is a turbulent and emotional time of mourning. In seeking peace and closure, searching for an infant urn will offer a pathway of remembrance in later years. Our catalog offers designs for infant urns that are distinctive, both for boys and girls, which include angular box designs that are constructed of wood, sheet bronze, bronze, and natural stone as well as traditional 'urn-style' urns in metal and ceramic materials.

The death of a precious child is a very difficult experience to overcome and the bereaved often feel alone and confused. In viewing our urn line we hope that you will find some stability and comfort during this difficult time.

How Do I Know What Size Infant Urn I Need?

This is the question most asked by those in the position of having to purchase an infant urn. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest figuring that one (1) pound of body weight translates to one (1) cubic inch of displacement. For example, if the child was 23 pounds then an infant urn with at least 23 cubic inches of displacement will be suitable. This rule can be applied to children up to 14 years of age. Children older than 14 years can use an adult urn.

The selection of infant urns that we offer you for your loved one celebrate a life that has been lived but mourned by family and friends. Each urn can be kept temporarily until an appropriate, meaningful and final permanent placement may be determined at a later date. Final placement may be accomplished by interment, niche placement, home placement or scattering of ashes. If you have any questions concerning our selections, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.