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Biodegradable Urns & Green Urns

Ensure that the world lives on long after a loved one’s gone with an Eco-friendly biodegradable urn. Each biodegradable cremation urn is made from a recyclable material and is painted with water-soluble colors. Ideal for sea scattering and earth burial, the biodegradable urns disintegrate within hours, days or a year.
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Journey Earthurn The Henson: Moss The Henson: Night Fall
The Henson: Moss
Our Price: $59.00
The Henson: Night Fall
Our Price: $59.00
Canyon Wall: Earth Canyon Wall: Terra-Cotta Canyon Wall: Sand Stone
Canyon Wall: Earth
Our Price: $148.00
Canyon Wall: Terra-Cotta
Our Price: $148.00
Canyon Wall: Sand Stone
Our Price: $148.00
Canyon Wall: River Rock Canyon Wall: Cream Amos Series: Navy Blue
Canyon Wall: River Rock
Our Price: $148.00
Canyon Wall: Cream
Our Price: $148.00
Amos Series: Navy Blue
Our Price: $148.00
Amos Series: Matte Black Golden Memories Tea Room
Amos Series: Matte Black
Our Price: $148.00
Golden Memories
Our Price: $165.00
Tea Room
Our Price: $167.00
Coriaceous Plain eko Urn Tracks in the Sand
Our Price: $197.00
Plain eko Urn
Our Price: $198.00
Tracks in the Sand
Our Price: $198.00

Preserving the Earth For Generations to Come

Biodegradable urns, or bio urns as they are also called, represent a growing segment in the cremation urn industry where environmentally friendly urns are in demand. Everlife Memorials has a beautiful selection of biodegradable urns for your loved one. Our line of biodegradable urns are now available in a variety of colors and shapes. These urns are appropriate for scattering at sea, burial on land or temporary indoor display. Made from environmentally friendly materials, these urns have a capacity of approximately 220 to 400 cubic inches displacement.

Why A Biodegradable Urn?

There are several reasons why one may choose to go with a biodegradable urn. Mainly people who are environmentally conscious like the benefits of these urns as they give minerals and nutrients back to the Earth and help to preserve land space. They offer a perfect solution for scattering at sea by temporarily containing the cremated remains and keeping them from blowing everywhere at the time of dispersion.

How Do They Work?

Every one of our biodegradable urns is suitable for land or sea scattering and can hold the cremated remains until scattering or burial can be facilitated. When dispersing the cremated remains at sea, The biodegradable urn begins to sink in ten to fifteen minutes and will fully degrade in approximately 2-3 days. Between the air dispersion, breaking down of the biodegradable bag and the urn sinking you have no blow back.