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Ceramic Tombstone Pictures

Professionally made ceramic tombstone pictures available in both color and black & white and backed by a lifetime guarantee.
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Color Oval Ceramic Picture B&W Oval Ceramic Picture Black & White Rectangle Ceramic Picture
Color Oval Ceramic Picture
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B&W Oval Ceramic Picture
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Black & White Rectangle Ceramic Picture
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B&W Heart Ceramic Picture Color Rectangle Ceramic Picture Color Heart Ceramic Picture
B&W Heart Ceramic Picture
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Color Rectangle Ceramic Picture
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Color Heart Ceramic Picture
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Color Round Ceramic Picture B&W Round Ceramic Picture
Color Round Ceramic Picture
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B&W Round Ceramic Picture
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A Visual Remembrance of Your Loved One

When you want a permanent photo of a loved one to mount on a their headstone, ceramic tombstone pictures are the best option available. With ceramic pictures, we can take your favorite photograph and duplicate it onto a ceramic tile in one of four different shapes. These ceramic photos can adorn just about any headstone, tombstone, gravestone or grave marker with a flat, smooth surface and they are very easy to install.

Individuals who visit their loved ones at the cemetery often find it comforting to have an actual photograph of their beloved to look at. It serves as a focal point and helps to comfort the visitor when remembering the person or saying prayers.

For many years color ceramic tombstone pictures have been available but, it has only been within the last decade or so that technology has made it possible to make a near exact replica in color or black and white of the photograph on the porcelain tile. In the past, color ceramics had to be hand painted and often the results were less than satisfactory. Now all you have to do is pick your favorite photo, send it to us and we will make it then ship it to you upon completion. We’ll even send you the original photograph if you submitted a hard copy with your order.

What Kind of Photograph to Send

It is very important to understand that in order to ensure a satisfactory final product, the original photograph needs to be of good quality and in focus. Old photographs that are faded or have creases from being bent may still be able to work as we have professional graphic artists that can restore old photos. Generally if you are submitting an actual photograph printed on photo paper, you want to make sure it is in focus and at least as large as the ceramic tombstone picture you are purchasing. If you have a digital photo from a digital camera or phone, it is best to submit the raw image straight from your camera/phone and submit it to us as an email attachment. Do not print it out then send us the print. More details for sending the photo are on the individual product pages.

Ceramic Picture Shapes & Frames

Our line of ceramic tombstone pictures is available in 4 popular shapes. The classic oval, rectangle, heart shape and circle. All shapes are available in both color and black and white. Some oval sizes and the small heart shaped ceramic pictures are available with optional frames. These frames come in a variety of beautiful designs and metal finishes and help to protect the ceramic photo.

Lifetime Guarantee

Each ceramic photo is made according to strict standards and is guaranteed for life against fading, exposure to the weather and even vandalism. If something ever happens to the headstone ceramic tombstone picture, just contact our office and we will start the replacement process. It may be necessary to send us a picture of the damaged product or the actual damaged product.