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Pet Cremation Memorials

Pet cremation is most commonly the final disposition for pets that cross the rainbow bridge. In fact it accounts for over 80% of all pet dispositions after death. With this in mind pet cremation memorials have become widely used for the purpose of storing a cherished petís cremated ashes.

Cremation Pet Memorials Serve as a Tribute to Your Beloved Pet

Pet loss is something many of us have to deal with and while we cannot expect our cherished little friends to be with us forever, their ashes and memory can. Pet cremation memorials are the perfect opportunity to store the cremated ashes and honor their memory for all whose lives they touched.

Pet Cremation Memorials for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Pet Cremation Memorials range from usual pet cremation urns and pet cremation jewelry, to the newly available outdoor variety which doubles as exquisite garden memorials. You will find our variety of pet cremation memorials to be among the newest and most appealing available on the market.

Some of the pet cremation memorials offered include sculptured pet cremation memorials in which the dog breed’s likeness is sculptured from simulated natural stone. Also featured are the sculptured angel series cremation memorials depicting an angel frolicking with dogs and cats.

Another exciting pet memorial is the pet cremation memorial rocks that resemble natural boulders and rocks yet are hollowed and contain a cremation receptacle for storage of your beloved pet’s ashes. They include either a bronze or brass nameplate that can be personalized with your pet’s name and dates.

Our garden pet cremation markers consist of a granite grave marker that is hollowed for placement of the cremains and features a laser engraved pet breed as well as personalization of your pet’s name and life dates on the surface.

Preserve Your Beloved Pet's Cremated Remains in a Pet Cremation Memorial

The beauty of pet cremation memorials, aside from the fact that they bring beauty to any outdoor garden or indoor setting, is that the cremated ashes of your dearest little friend can be stored inside. Unlike a pet cremation urn which looks more like a container, pet cremation memorials resemble sculptured works of art or natural rocks.

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