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Bronze Cremation Urns

Bronze urns make for a befitting resting place for a loved one. Bronze cremation urns are made from the purest bronze, and are available in both traditional and contemporary designs, to match the chic personality of your loved one. The bronze urns competitively priced also make for stunning mantelpieces.
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Bronze Memorique Urn Petites Roses Arrowstar
Our Price: $2,993.00
Petites Roses
Our Price: $4,129.00
The Woodland Candle Bronze Urn The Pentelic Candle Bronze Urn The Pinecone Bronze Urn
The Pinecone Bronze Urn
Our Price: $2,699.00
The Pieta Bronze Urn The Glider Turtle Bronze Urn The Darling Bronze Urn
The Pieta Bronze Urn
Our Price: $1,999.00
The Glider Turtle Bronze Urn
Our Price: $2,200.00
The Darling Bronze Urn
Our Price: $2,799.00
The Keeper Bronze Eagle Keepsake Urn The Awakening Bronze Turtle Keepsake Urn The Spirit of America Bronze Keepsake Urn
The Journey Bronze Urn The Pieta Bronze Keepsake Urn The Stalwart Bronze Urn
The Journey Bronze Urn
Our Price: $3,099.00
The Pieta Bronze Keepsake Urn
Our Price: $1,099.00
The Stalwart Bronze Urn
Our Price: $3,599.00

Durable Urns Fit to Honor a Loved One

Bronze urns have a universal appeal. Their strength, durability and indestructible qualities render them a popular choice of urns among the bereaved.

Bronze is an alloy that has been used over the centuries as a medium for casting magnificently crafted sculptures and art pieces among other uses. It because of its ability to capture intricate details and nuances that bronze is so popular in artistic sculptures.

There are basically two types of bronze urns available to purchase today. These are cast bronze urns and sculpted bronze urns.

Cast Bronze

Cast bronze urns are made either by the casting method or utilizing sheet bronze that has been welded together. Thees urns take on many shapes such as rectangles, angular shapes, book shapes, or traditional shapes. They are available in a wide array of finishes.

Sculpted Bronze

Sculpted bronze urns are cast using the lost wax method and are very often considered art pieces in their own right. In fact most of these urns can be passed off as an artistic sculpture not giving any clues as to what is contained within.

Both types of bronze urns are manufactured using a different bronze working technique, and finished using methods unique to each. Here we explore the finishing methods used in the production of bronze urns.

Bronze Urn Finishes

Natural Finish: These are forged from solid sheets of bronze, the natural finish on which is a bright bronze/gold surface that takes on a matte appearance. While no further finishing work is needed on the bronze urn in this instance, some are finished with a lacquered coating to protect the natural bronze against oxidation. This type of finish is common on sculpted bronze urns.

Brushed Bronze: To obtain a cast bronze urn with a deeper luster and more reflective finish, the surface of the urn is gently brushed with a material that is mildly abrasive. The brushed finish is more refined than on a bronze urn with a natural finish. This type of finish is popular on urns that are fabricated from sheet bronze.

Plated Finish: These urns can be plated with precious metal to enhance their appeal. Plated finishes in 24kt gold are very appealing, the cast bronze cremation urn taking on a lighter gold color in this instance that is brighter and more reflective than a brushed bronze finish. The bronze urn is then polished to a mirror like finish that is highly reflective.

Verdigris Patina Finish: Bronze urns with a copper-green finish on them or a deep aquamarine or blue finish are achieved by a verdigris patina. Bronze urns with this type of finish take on an antique appearance.