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Laser Engraved Heart Pet Markers

The shape of a heart is universally accepted as the ultimate symbol of love. When memorializing a special pet, our line of laser engraved heart shaped pet markers are the obvious choice to symbolize your love for your pet. These pet markers are crafted from solid jet black granite and shaped by the hands of a skilled craftsman to look like a heart. The end product is a thoughtfully designed tribute to your beloved pet.
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Heart Pet Grave Marker Heart Pet Grave Marker

From Unfinished Granite To A Beautiful Pet Marker

Your pet's heart marker starts from a huge block of granite that has been procured from mother Earth. The granite is put through a special saw mill that utilizes a huge diamond saw blade and slices the block it to the desired thickness, which in this case is two inches. The huge sheet of granite is then run through a polishing mill that polishes one side to a glossy finish. After the polishing stage is complete, the sheets are cut down to smaller units in the shape of a square just slightly larger than the heart markers they become. Using special carbide tipped chisels, a skilled craftsman carefully whittles away at the granite removing just the right amount to reveal the delicate heart shaped pet marker within.

Designing the Pet Marker

After we receive your pet marker order details, our in-house graphic artist gets to work designing the heart shaped memorial. We first remove the background from the photo of your pet that was submitted. This makes for easier placement of the image on the layout. We can, at your request, leave the background intact and use it in the design. The artist will then complete the layout with your choices for the font, art elements and personalization details of your beloved pet. Once all these elements are put together to compose the layout, our customer service will email you a rendering of this proof for you to review. This is your opportunity to review the layout for correctness and accuracy. Nothing is engraved until you reply with your approval.

Production Of The Heart Marker

Once we receive your approval, a blank heart pet marker is placed on the engraving table and set up for engraving. The computer that drives the laser machine is configured to start the engraving process for your pet's marker. After everything is ready to go, the laser operator starts the machine and the engraver automatically does the rest. In a short while the pet marker is fully engraved and ready for the next stages. After the engraving takes place, a team member inspects the pet marker to ensure the quality is up to our standards. Next step is packaging and shipment. These markers are carefully packaged with high density foam and sent on their way to your door step. A tracking number is sent to your email to allow you to follow its progress.