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Pet Urns & Pet Cremation Urns

Finding a supplier of pet urns for ashes can be a difficult task. Many veterinarians don't stock pet urns and if you live in a small town, your options can be very limited. At Everlife Memorials we offer a full line of pet urns for the little family members you have come to cherish. You can say we are bringing the pet urn store directly to your home. You can browse our extensive pet urns catalog without having to leave your home and our free shipping means you will get it delivered to to your front door.

Pet Urns to Memorialize Your Beloved Little Friend

When a beloved pet passes on, cremation is the most common choice for the final disposition of the pet. Most pet owners decide to keep their petís ashes in a pet cremation urn and display it in their home. For this purpose there are many urns for pet ashes available in a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes.

Some of the popular pet cremation urns are:

Wood pet urns We have a large assortment of wooden pet urns in many sizes and wood types. All of our wood pet urns can be personalized with an engraved nameplate.

Marble pet urns for ashes Marble is one of the most beautiful materials mother nature has to offer and when fashioned into a pet urn, they make wonderful memorials to you departed pet. Marble pet urns are available in many colors and styles.

Pet photo urns Pet owners are known to have many pictures of their beloved pets and photo pet urns enable them to have their favorite pet photo encased, etched or engraved on the urn.

Dog urns for ashes For canine lovers, we have an assortment of dog urns that make great keepsake memorials for you best friend. Among our selection of urns for dogs are figurine dog urns that are composed of a small figurine attached to the top of a wooden urn.

People searching for discount pet urns often find our pet urn prices to be very competitive. Here at Everlife Memorials we stock a wide variety of animal urns that are usually shipped within 24 hours (business days) to reach you in a respectable time frame.

Pet Cremation Urns for Special Purposes

Looking for a particular pet cremation urn? We offer many pet urns that can fill specific needs.

Garden pet urns are designed to set outside in and will definitely bring your garden to life.

Image engraved pet urns that can be engraved with your petís picture onto the surface.

Pet Urn Jewelry to Wear Around Your Neck

Many individuals who choose pet cremation are attracted to the idea of storing a small portion of the cremated ashes in a special piece of pet urn jewelry for pets. This enables pet lovers to keep their beloved pet close to their heart at all times. Pet urn jewelry comes in a wide assortment of designs, including a paw print, dog bone, yarn ball and animal shapes.

Pet Cremation Urns with a *Guarantee

Purchasing a pet urn from Everlife Memorials ensures complete satisfaction. If you receive an urn and it does not meet your satisfaction, simply return it in resalable condition for a *full refund. We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.