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Memorial flag case - Honor a Military Veteran with an American made flag display case

Flag cases are the perfect way to honor a departed military veteran. Upon the death of any honorably discharged veteran, an American burial flag is presented to the surviving family member(s). This flag is traditionally folded in the shape of a triangle which makes for easy presentation in a memorial flag case.
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Burial flag case - American Made Quality

An extraordinary amount of quality goes into the making of burial flag case purchased from us. First, hand selection of solid wood pieces that make up the flag case are chosen for their beauty and strength characteristics. Then they are carefully matched and assemble according to flag case plans using tried and true wood making techniques by skilled craftsmen for a finished product that is truly magnificent. American made quality for your beloved family member.

Accessories for Memorial Flag Display Cases

There are several accessories for American flag cases. Stands and pedestals designed to elevate and proudly display a burial flag display case are available in several sizes and styles. Many of them are made in the same wood as the flag case your purchase to ensure a matching set.

Among the flag case pedestals we carry, one doubles as a cremation urn and holds the cremated ashes of your loved one. Another pedestal can also display military ribbons and medals received by the veteran.

Buying an American Flag Display Case

When purchasing a flag case it doesn’t necessarily have to be for a departed military veteran. Often they are purchased along with a flag as a corporate gift to clients or just as a gift to a friend or family member. You may want to make certain that the flag case you are purchasing is made in America as our flag cases are.

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