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Cemetery Statues

Made from bonded marble these cemetery statues are available in many religious categories and in an array of sizes.

Bonded Marble Statues From Resin Materials

Our line of Bonded Marble Statues are made from the finest manufacturers in Italy. A rendering of each marble statue pattern derives from a handcrafted replica and offers the fine features and details you would expect from classic Italian statuary.

How Bonded Marble Statues Are Made

Bonded Marble Statues are made from a composite material in which natural Carrara marble powder is mixed with a resin. The mixture is then poured into a mold of the statue design. The resin gives the marble powder an added strength superior to the natural stone. The finished product bears a near identical resemblance to the original hand carved statue. The texture and features are duplicated and the color is a consistent ivory white. Because of the characteristics of the resin material, these bonded marble statues are water proof.

Uses for Marble Statues

There are many uses for bonded marble statues. Many of our customers place them next to or on the base of an existing monument in the *cemetery. Others use them as a feature for their garden or a fountain. If needed, we can have the statue drilled on the bottom for a more secure installation. Some people simply use bonded marble statues as a memorial or tribute to their loved one. Still others use them as an art piece to compliment the interior of their home. Whatever the application these bonded marble statues are beautiful and durable which is why they come standard with a five-year guarantee against deterioration or discoloration.

Installation of Statues

Bonded marble statues do not require special tools or skills for installation. If using the statue as an art piece or in the home there is no need to permanently affix it to a base or foundation. When using it as an add on item to an existing cemetery memorial or garden feature it is important to first make certain there is a flat surface large enough to accommodate the base of the statue. Most of our bonded marble statues have the base dimensions below the thumbnail image in our catalog. It is recommended to use an adhesive that will bond natural stone and the bonded marble statue. Also it is preferable the epoxy has a consistency of peanut butter and a workable time of at least 30 minutes. You can find the appropriate adhesive at most hardware stores. Try to stay away from liquid adhesives since they are difficult to control in this situation. Make sure both surfaces are slightly roughened and cleaned so the adhesive will adhere properly.

If wanting a more secure installation, you can utilize a dowel pin that will recess into the surface of the base and rise above the surface a few inches (depending on the size of the marble statue). In this event it is recommended to have a professional monument installer handle the installation. Each of our bonded marble statues comes with the option of having the base drilled for a dowel hole. This option can be selected from our statue catalog.

Care For Bonded Marble Statues

To clean the bonded marble statues you can use a solution of soap and water and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Bleach or industrial grade cleaners are not recommend as they might remove the coating that protects them from UV sunlight rays.