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Laser Engraved Upright Pet Monuments

Fashioned from jet black granite and made to resemble the upright headstones for people, our line of upright pet monuments are made to the same exact standards. What makes these headstones unique is that they are laser engraved with your pet's image and personal information in exquisite detail. They are available in several styles and are shipped fully assembled so you don't have to put anything together.
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Ginger Pet Upright Monument
Ginger Large Pet Monument
Our Price: $499.00

The Process of Building Your Pet's Monument

Your pet's upright monument starts out as 2 pieces of granite. The top portion is called the die, while the bottom is referred to the base. Both are fabricated to our specifications and highly polished to a mirror like gloss. Polishing brings out the darkest black possible for the granite. It helps to contrast with the laser engraving that is done to personalize the stone for your pet.

Designing the Upright Monument

A graphic artist takes the information you provide us with and composes a layout of how the pet monument will look. In most cases we will have the background removed from the photo of your pet. This is done so only the image of your pet is on the monument plus whatever artwork you choose. Your pet's name, dates and epitaph are also included in this layout in the font style you choose. All these elements are brought together to form a tribute for your departed pet. You will receive a proof of the design for approval before anything is engraved.

Engraving and Assembly

Once you give us your approval, the pet monument is set up on the laser engraving table to be engraved just as in the layout proof. A laser passes over the monument many times incrementally moving along the X and Y axis according to the computer's instructions. The laser fires powerful blasts of energy that etches away the polished surface in a pre-determined pattern of dots that when looked at from a normal distance reveals your pets image, artwork and lettering. After the engraving process is complete a team member will epoxy the monument die to the base and let it cure overnight so that it forms a permanent and unbreakable bond. The monument is carefully inspected for quality and then prepared for shipping.

Shipping the Pet Monument

Your pet's upright monument is then carefully packaged with custom made high density foam pieces and heavy duty double walled boxes. When the pet monument arrives at your home, it is advised to un pack it with great care and preferably near the spot where it will be placed to avoid unnecessary movement. If setting it over the grave, the monument will look best if placed on a foundation. Many people use stepping stone pavers to lay underneath as a foundation. These can be bought at a home improvement store such a Home Depot or Lowes. Once you have set up your pet's upright monument, you can now appreciate the life your beloved pet lived and have closure to this chapter of your life.