Replacing Missing or Stolen Bronze Vases

Replacing Missing or Stolen Bronze Vases

Ordering Your Replacement Bronze Vase

The first step in ordering your replacement bronze vase is identifying the manufacturer who makes the bronze grave marker. This can be difficult especially if the surviving family member tasked with this duty does not know where the bronze marker was purchased. Adding to the difficulty of getting a replacement bronze vase would be if the company who sold it is no longer in business.

There is no need to worry as we have business relationships with many of the major bronze memorial manufacturers in the country. Getting your bronze vase is only a matter of finding which one made it. The way we can do this is with a simple photograph of the bronze memorial plaque.

Since bronze marker manufacturers do not place their company name or part number on the face where you can see it, the design is all we have to go by. A good photograph of the entire bronze memorial showing the design and vase hole will give us what we need to identify the manufacturer. It will also give us the opportunity to see the bronze color.

Photographing the Bronze Grave Marker

Before photographing the bronze grave marker, make sure the area to be photographed is fairly clean. It is also best to ensure there is plenty of light to get a good photograph. Here is an example of a good photograph of a bronze marker and a close up of the bronze vase hole. It is best to use a digital camera that captures all the detail. This makes it easier to email the image to us rather then sending a hardcopy which can take days. Please note that without a good photo of the bronze design we cannot properly identify the manufacturer. The makers do not put their logo or company name on the bronze plaques so the design is the only way we can identify the manufacturer and order the proper bronze vase.

Bronze Marker with Vase
Bronze companion grave marker full design


Bronze Vase
Bronze individual grave marker full design


Bronze Vase Hole
Bronze vase hole up close

Submitting Info For A Bronze Vase Quote

When you have the digital photos, email them to us at or by clicking on the button below.

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Once we receive this information we'll research which manufacturer makes the bronze vase and issue a quote to you.

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