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Headstones, Grave Markers and Gravestones

Bronze Grave Markers Laser Engraved Headstones
Durable bronze grave markers more info
Use favorite photos to create a lasting memorial more info
Granite Cemetery Markers Infant & Baby Headstones
Sandblasted granite grave markers more info
Infant bronze and granite cemetery grave markers more info
Military Grave Markers Cemetery Vases
Military grave markers for departed veterans & their spouses more info
Cemetery headstone vases will beautify your loved one's memorial while holding flowers more info
Headstone Accessories
Statues, vases, ceramic pictures and more more info

We offer a variety of excellent headstones including granite, bronze, infant, veteran and laser engraved headstones.

You will find:

  • Top quality materials used to construct the headstone
  • Careful craftsmanship that goes into every detail of your loved one’s memorial
  • Total assurance that the memorial will meet the cemetery’s requirements
  • Information and resources to help you with your purchase
  • Our promise to make the entire process as painless as possible

We understand this is a difficult time and pay special attention to your needs. You will not be pressured into a sale. Our dedicated team is prepared to offer you compassionate assistance in what may very well be your first time ordering a headstone or grave marker for your loved one.

Need Assistance Buying a Headstone?

Our customer service staff is ready to answer any questions you have relating to purchasing a headstone. We can even assist you with handling the paperwork required by the cemetery. Before we put any grave marker into production, we first contact the cemetery to make certain it is compliant with their restrictions. Additionally, we provide many articles and guides to help you with your purchase during this difficult time.

Purchasing a Grave Marker or Gravestone

For most, purchasing a gravestone or grave marker is a first time experience. What makes this particular experience especially difficult is that there is little information on how to go about it and strong emotions are tied to it. The following articles are designed to help make this difficult purchase a little easier.

Rules & Regulations for Cemetery Headstones
Did you know that cemeteries can set rules and regulations on the kind of markers allowed? This guide covers many details regarding cemetery regulations.

Affordable Headstones: How to Find Discount & Cheap Headstones
Funeral costs are often burdensome to the surviving family members. Here you will find ways in which you can cut costs on the purchase of a headstone for your departed family member.

Tips for Buying Head Stones Online
Just about every product is now available for sale online. And yes, even headstones. How do you know which online companies are reputable? Read this and learn valuable tips for vetting online monument companies.

Choosing the Right Monument Dealer
If you are looking for a local monument company to purchase a monument from, this guide will help you to identify reputable dealers in your area.

Gravestone Delivery Issues
Is your headstone going to: New Jersey? A Catholic cemetery? A rural cemetery? A business? Learn about some delivery issues when shipping headstones.

Types of Headstones and Characteristics

There are many types of headstones available. This collection of articles discusses some of the popular styles and options.

Types of Memorial Headstones Available
Not many materials can be used for headstones due to the fact that they must weather the elements for generations to come. Read this to learn more about the types and materials.

Matching VA Grave Markers for the Military Spouse
All U.S. veterans that were honorably discharged are entitled to a headstone or grave marker. In many cases their spouses would like to obtain a matching veteran memorial for their grave.

Bronze Memorials: A Durable Memorial Tribute
Bronze grave markers are a popular requirement for many cemeteries. Here we will explain many of the attributes for bronze grave markers and memorials.

Infant Grave Markers: A Pathway to Remembrance of an Angel
No one should ever have to deal with child or infant death. This article may be of some help for those who need an infant memorial for the beloved angel.

Granite Colors Used for Gravestones
There are hundreds of granite colors available for use in cemetery memorials. This article covers many of the popular ones currently used by manufacturers.

Selecting a Headstone

The following articles will help you in the selection process of buying a headstone for a beloved family member.

Choosing a Headstone for a Family Member
Putting a memorial on your loved one's grave is an important part in the healing process. There are many things to consider such as type, size, color and design. Learn about the different aspects of choosing a fitting memorial for your departed family member.

Headstone Designs: Selecting a Fitting Design for a Loved One
The design and writing on a headstone can say a lot about a person. Take this opportunity to create a fitting tribute to you loved one's memory and let other know who the person was.

Headstone Symbols: Understanding Cemetery Symbolism
Many symbols on a headstone have meaning other than just being a pretty design. Us this guide to help you understand the meanings of different symbols used in the design of a cemetery memorial.

Headstone Epitaphs: Choosing Verses, Words, Phrases & Inscriptions
In addition to a person's name and dates, what will you write on their tombstone? This series of articles offers many ideas for epitaphs and verses to place on one's headstone.

Design Ideas for Infant Headstones
This guide offers plenty of tips for designing infant headstones in both bronze and granite.

General Articles

Here is a variety of articles that address different aspects of memorialization and headstones.

How Bronze Grave Markers are Made
Bronze is a very durable material invented thousands of years ago. As a result of its durability it makes the perfect material for making cemetery memorials that capture fine details and lasts for generations.

How Granite Headstones are Made
Granite, being one of the hardest natural stones, is the most common material used for headstones today. Here we discuss in detail how granite gets from quarry to cemetery and the transformation that takes place.

Cleaning and Preservation of Tombstones, Headstones & Gravestones
As headstones lay in the cemetery, years of weathering bring the need for a good cleaning from time to time. Here we feature very well research information on what to use and how to go about cleaning a memorial.

Installing a Grave Marker in a Cemetery
Are you having trouble finding someone to install a gave marker or are they asking for too much to do it? This article outlines the materials needed and steps to get it done right.

How to Install Granite Vases on a Headstone Monument
If you have ordered granite vases or marble vases from us and need instructions on how to install them, this article will show you step by step with photographs how to do the job.

Ordering a Grave Marker in Time for Memorial Day
The months preceding Memorial Day are usually the busiest time for monument dealers. It is during this time that many are reminded that their loved one's grave is still unmarked and they need to purchase a cemetery memorial.

Everlife Memorials is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Funeral Related Services in Corpus Christi TX Volusion Secure Site
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