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TSA Approved Travel Urns

Take home your loved one’s ashes from the funeral in a TSA-compliant travel urn. Each travel cremation urn includes a durable container wrapped in a cover made of 100% silk. Your travel urn -- available in different colors and styles – complies with all airport security checks, to ensure hassle-free travel.
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Basic Silk Urn Military Fabric Urn Military Fabric Urn
Basic Silk Urn
Our Price: $159.00
Military Fabric Urn
Our Price: $183.00
Military Fabric Urn
Our Price: $183.00
Sage Green Wrap Silk Urn Dark Blue Wrap Silk Urn
Sage Green Wrap Silk Urn
Our Price: $299.00
Dark Blue Wrap Silk Urn
Our Price: $299.00

In an era where travel has become an integral part of our lives, even in the solemn moments of remembrance, the need for portable and TSA approved travel urns has emerged. These specialized urns not only provide a practical solution for those wishing to transport the ashes of a loved one but also ensure a seamless journey through airport security checkpoints.

TSA approved travel urns are designed with the modern traveler in mind, understanding the importance of preserving the memory of a departed loved one while adhering to aviation regulations. These urns are crafted from silk fabric made to cover the urn box received from the funeral home, ensuring they meet the guidelines set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for air travel.

TSA approved travel urns provide grieving families with the flexibility to transport the ashes of their loved ones with dignity and respect. The convenience of these urns ensures that individuals can carry the remains with them, allowing for a more intimate connection during their journey. Whether embarking on a final resting place or transporting the ashes for scattering at a significant location, these travel urns provide a practical and considerate solution for those navigating the complex terrain of air travel with the remains of a loved one.

In conclusion, TSA compliant travel urns offer a practical and respectful solution for those who wish to carry the ashes of a loved one during air travel. With their compact designs, durable materials, and adherence to aviation regulations, these urns provide grieving families with the opportunity to bring the memory of their loved ones along on their journeys, ensuring that even in transit, the bond shared remains unbroken.