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Upright Monuments & Custom Headstones

If your loved one is buried within 80 miles (give or take) of Corpus Christi, TX you can take advantage of our services offering one of a kind custom headstones as well as traditional upright monuments that are tailor made to meet your specific requirements. From design and production to installation, we strive to make this as painless an experience as possible.

Quality Materials & Expert Craftsmanship

The start of a quality monument begins with the materials used to construct it. We source our granite from suppliers who consistently provide granite of superior quality, precisely fabricated and finished to our specifications. It is especially important to start with a foundation of good materials. Each piece of granite is carefully inspected upon arrival to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. Whether the personalized details are sandblasted or laser engraved onto the monument, our expert craftsmen are careful to prepare the granite for personalization.

Custom Upright Monuments

For some people, the traditionally shaped monuments just won’t do. Our designer will create for you a memorial that is unique, just like your loved one. Over the years we have designed many custom upright monuments that reflect the interests or personalities of the people they were created for. This is one of our specialties. We start by listening to what your vision is and work with you to better understand the kind of person your loved one was. This give us the chance to capture their spirit and have it reflected in the monument. Our process includes providing you with a detailed drawing of what the proposed monument will look like. You will have the opportunity to review and approve it before any work is started.

Unique Granite Headstones

Unique HeadstonesGranite is the most widely used material in cemeteries around the country. This natural stone is available in an array of colors and can be fabricated into many unique shapes. Whether it is a monument in the shape of Lego blocks, a cowboy boot or just about any other interesting shape, our craftsmen can help you to realize your vision in granite. Our ability to provide uniquely designed monuments is what sets us apart from the competition.

Specially Designed Bronze & Granite Grave Markers

Custom Bronze MarkersIf your loved one was buried in a bronze only section of the cemetery, we can help you design and build the perfect memorial for them. Many design choices are available in bronze and these memorials can be further personalized with the addition of emblems or photos. We are also capable of totally customizing the bronze grave marker with an array of photographs of your loved one cast on the bronze surface. These memorials are the ultimate in personalized bronze markers. Additionally, if the cemetery allows it, we can make your loved one's bronze memorial with a larger piece of granite where we can do additional personalizing with sandblasting or laser engraving.

Laser Engraved Monuments & Markers

Laser Engraved HeadstonesWe are one of the only monument companies in South Texas that has a laser engraving machine capable of etching photos and fine artwork onto your loved one's headstone. Most other companies outsource this service and doing so can add considerable expense as well as time to the whole process. Our laser engraving capabilities give us total control over design and quality giving you the benefit of dealing with a company that offers turn key services.

When you purchase one of our laser engraved memorials we give you one price for the headstone which includes engraving. We do not have multiple charges such as one price for each portrait, then another price for the artwork and yet another for the lettering. Other companies will charge you this way because they must rely on a third party and most third parties have pricing structures like this.

Our laser engraved memorials are meticulously designed with the photos you provide, and artwork requested. If you are short on ideas we can make suggestions and offer ideas that will help you. Our designer will put together a layout proof showing you exactly how the finished engraving will look. Of course, you will have the opportunity to review the layout proof and make any changes before the actual monument is engraved.

Delivery & Installation Services

Purchasing a monument from Everlife Memorials includes free delivery to all local cemeteries and some nearby towns. Most local cemeteries handle the installation services associated with the monument for a fee. If the monument is to be installed in an out of town cemetery or in a rural area, most of these cemeteries require that we do the foundation and installation. Our foundation work is among the best in our area. Most monument companies don’t go to the lengths we do to ensure the monument for your loved one is resting on a durable and adequate foundation. In fact, we are often called upon to redo foundations from other companies that have failed. We are proud of our foundations as we build them to suit the needs of each monument we install. In addition, great care goes into the transportation and installation of your loved one’s monument. We treat every installation as if it were for one of our own family members.

Customer Service You Can Count On

We work very hard to ensure that all of our customers are being taken care of to the best of our abilities. Understanding that this is a difficult purchase for you gives us our starting point. Our approach is not focused on trying to “sell” you a monument as much as it is to help you understand what options are available. Our staff can help you stay within your budget and recommend only the options you feel comfortable with. In most cases this is a first-time experience for you and we see this as an opportunity to help educate you about the products, options and our industry. We would not be in business for over 20 years if we did not consider you to be the most important part of this whole experience. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the reviews customers leave for us on the Better Business Bureau website.

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