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Pet Headstones

Pet loss, for many, has been equated to human loss. To that end pet parents feel it is appropriate to honor their beloved pet’s memory with a traditional pet grave marker. Like headstones for people, grave markers for cats and dog headstones are used to mark a pet’s resting place in a pet cemetery or serve as a memorial in one’s garden.

Purchasing Headstones for Dogs & Cats

Choosing a pet gravestone can be a difficult task if one does not know where to start. Often pet owners turn to their veterinarian for advice or consult with a pet cemetery for a pet headstone. We have put together an assortment of dog headstones and cat grave markers that include many styles, one of which will work just for you. In addition to our diverse line of cat headstones and dog grave markers we offer:
  • Great affordable pricing
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • A layout proof (except for natural pet gravestones)
  • Caring customer service
  • Free delivery within the 48 contiguous states

Our experience in providing headstones and grave markers for humans with an eye for service reflects in our pet headstone line of products. As always, our commitment is to you the customer. From providing you with a secure purchasing experience to answering your every question, our service team will be there for you throughout your pet grave marker purchase.

Grave Markers for Pets in Many Styles

The loss of a pet has often been compared to losing a human life, at least for those of us that consider ourselves pet parents. Pet loss can leave a person feeling lost and empty. As pet owners, we have thought of caring for every aspect of our beloved furry children, but when the time comes for dealing with death we often have no clue what to do especially when it comes to memorializing them.

Let me share a true story that happened to me and my family.

While gardening one day just a couple of weeks after the tragic death of my wife's dog 'Chloe', I couldn't help but fell the presence of someone or something behind me. As I got up and turned around a curious black and white mixed breed was watching me playfully. As I approached her, she wouldn’t quite come up to me, but she wasn't scared off either. She continued to follow me around the yard as I kept to my chores. She just wanted to play. Finally I gave in and playfully chased her for a bit then walked her over to a window to show my wife and daughter who were inside the house. We fed her and gave her water then tried to find where she came from. Our next door neighbor told us he found her abandoned on a rural farm road and brought her home with the hope of finding a home for her. We took her in and named her Genevieve. She was a beloved family member for several years and was always playful.

Then one day she just wasn’t herself and appeared ill. After throwing up several times, my wife took her to the vet who after examining her said she had a tumor which turned out to be cancer related. They performed surgery with the hope of seeing the full extent and possibly removing the tumor, but Genevieve did not make it through the surgery.

This was very hard on our family especially the three children, two of who were born after we adopted her.

Our pets are our family and as such they deserve to be remembered and memorialized like family.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach isn't going to cut it for most pet parents so we have an assortment of products to offer in many styles.

Upright Pet Monuments

Considered the flagship of our pet memorial product line, these gorgeous upright pet monuments are made from solid jet black granite. They are all polished giving them a very clean appearance. Each pet monument is carefully designed, engraved then assembled so they arrive complete and ready to set at the grave. They are perfect for both dogs and cats, but they will work for just about any animal.

Laser Dog Headstones

The most popular of our products these headstones are also made from solid jet black granite and lay flat on the ground. Each memorial features the likeness of your beloved pet permanently laser engraved on the surface with their name, dates, design and a befitting epitaph of your choosing. They are offered in 2 styles and can be used to mark the grave or as a garden memorial if your pet was cremated. These laser dog headstones will last for generations and are priced competitively so they are affordable.

Bronze Pet Grave Markers

Made from 2 of the most durable materials these gorgeous grave markers will add distinction to your pets resting place. The bronze plaques are cast with the personal details you provide us with and one of the many animal images in our catalog. They are finished with a high gloss coating that will last for many years and then securely attached to a granite base of your granite color choosing. The bronze plaque is beautifully framed by the granite base making these bronze pet grave markers an excellent memorial for your beloved pet's grave.

Granite Pet Gravestones

Designed to lay flat on the ground, these pet markers are made from solid granite in the color of your choice. Each granite pet gravestones is sandblast engraved with a stock image and personalization details you provide us with. They are an excellent choice for your pet, if buried in a pet cemetery, since they do conform with most pet cemeteries requirements.

Pet Cremation Markers

Fashioned from durable granite, these pet cremation markers are laser engraved with a stock image and personalization details provided by you. The bottom of the cremation marker is cored so the ashes can placed inside then sealed with a circular plug. They make a perfect garden memorial and will weather the outdoors for years to come.

Questions About Cat & Dog Headstones?

If you are a first time buyer of pet headstones and need help with your purchase, we are here to assist in any way possible including:

  • Explaining the pet grave marker products and available options
  • Contacting the pet cemetery to ensure the pet headstone you want meets their requirements
  • Supplying example pictures of previous pet headstones we've sold
  • Providing thoughtful customer service every step of the way

Be assured that our main interest is in ensuring that your entire experience in purchasing a pet headstone is a satisfying one.

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