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Tips for Buying Head Stones Online

If you are looking to purchase a head stone online, then you may be a bit overwhelmed with the results that are returned when searching for a website that sells them. As the years pass by more and more companies are springing up on the Internet selling head stones. Each new company arrives in the web arena with an array of claims, deals and testimonials designed to entice new buyers to put their trust and hard earned dollars into their company.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing head stones online is the savings you can realize. The average purchaser can save as much as $200 with some saving as much as $1000.

With so many head stone dealers out there you may be wondering, "How do you know which head stone dealer to purchase from?" or "What kind of information about head stones do I need to know?"

Due Diligence

For most, purchasing a head stone is a first time experience. The lack of experience compounds the difficulty of making a very emotional purchase. With this in mind it is best to do a little homework before you move forward with a purchase. This will insure that costly mistakes can be avoided. Here are some things to research when doing your homework.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Cemeteries typically have in place a set of rules and regulations that govern, among other things, the size and type of head stones that are allowed in the cemetery. It is very important to review these guidelines. The cemetery has the right to refuse placement of any head stone that does not meet their requirements.

Delivery & Installation

Does the cemetery have the capability of receiving the headstone delivery or do they offer installation services for head stones. Most cemeteries will install them for a fee; however, some do not install head stones because either they are not properly staffed or they just do not offer the service. If the cemetery does not offer installation services, then a local monument installer is the best route to go. You can always find one by searching Google under 'Monuments' or checking with local funeral homes and asking who they use to install their monuments.

Who Is the Company Selling the Head Stone?

Do you know how long the company selling the head stone has been in business? Do they have any complaints lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau? Take your time and make certain you are dealing with a reputable company. Here are some of the things you will want to consider when looking for a reputable dealer:

  • Do they come highly recommended?
  • Do they have an actual physical address?
  • Do they offer secure payment processing as well as several payment options?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them?

Be wary of buying from a company that appears to be hiding something such as a physical address or the ownership of their domain name. Also some companies may post "reviews" of their products on their website in which just about all the products have perfect 5 stars. Not even Amazon has this perfect a rating for all their products.

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Decide on the Head Stone Options

After deciding which source to purchase the head stone from, you are now prepared to choose a fitting memorial for your loved one. There are many options to consider such as whether you will be purchasing a granite cemetery marker, laser engraved headstone or a bronze grave marker. You will also need to decide on a headstone design and whether you will personalize the head stone with an epitaph.