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Premium Laser Dog Headstones

Pets are family, and for pet parents there is no other classification for them. They are thought of as children and as such they are cared for with the same loving heart a parent gives their human kids. Pets have their own personality and provide us with unconditional love. They make us feel important and bring us years of joy as long as they are in our lives. When the loss of a pet occurs it is very hard to accept. In fact it is a heartbreaking, gut wrenching feeling that seems like it will never go away.
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Medium Premium Pet Marker 10 x 6 Premium laser engraved pet headstones X-Large Premium Pet Marker 14 x 9
XX-Large Premium Pet Marker 16 x 10

A Special Memorial For A Beloved Pet

After the initial impact of pet loss, we are left with a desire to remember our little family member. A premium laser pet headstone is a perfect solution. It offers the opportunity to memorialize your pet with their photograph permanently laser engraved onto the surface of the headstone along with personalization details. The engraving is rich in detail and can be enhanced with detailed artwork available in the form of pre-designed pet headstone templates.

Your Pet Deserves The Best Quality

Our line of premium laser pet headstones are made from solid jet black granite and feature a durable 2" thickness. All sides of the headstone including the top are polished to a high gloss ready to serve as a canvas for your pet's memorial stone. They are available in a variety of sizes, one being the perfect size for you.

Designing The Pet Headstone

Our art department has created a series of design templates that feature multiple themes for dogs, cats and even horses. You can select one from the pull down menu on the product page. If one doesn't exist that suits your pet, our art department will create a custom design for an additional fee. Before anything is lasered onto the pet headstone, we will email you a layout proof for you to review for accuracy. We will only start the engraving process once you reply with your approval.

Shipping Your Pet's Headstone

Upon completion of production, a team member checks over your pet's headstone to ensure it is made correctly and there are no imperfections. Your pet's laser headstone is then carefully packaged using high density foam and carefully boxed for safe travel to your doorstep. A tracking number is emailed to you so you can follow its travels.

Upon receipt of your pet's laser headstone you can now place it on their grave, in a garden or favorite spot outdoors where your pet loved to relax. A headstone is an important part of the grieving process as it helps bring closure to a difficult time. It also allows serves as a focal point when visiting their grave. When you see their wonderful face laser engraved you can reminisce about the time they were here with you.