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Tiara In Ground Flower Vase 5"

Tiara Lawn Level Flower Vase for Headstones

The Tiara is one of our smallest vases.

Your cemetery vase includes:
  • Available in a 5" cored hole in granite or concrete
  • Can also be installed straight in the ground
  • Die-cast aluminum construction for durability
  • 14 finishes to choose from
  • Free Delivery within the 48 contiguous states
See full description below for full specifications.

If mounting vase to a granite or concrete foundation/base, make sure to order it with the Cor-Loc mounting system.

These vases are made to order and usually ship within 1 week.

Our Price: $189.00


Vase Color

Select vase color*:
Silver Gray
Sunset Rose
Dark Gray
Missouri Pink
Sapphire Blue
Metalcraft Gray
White Marble
Statuary Bronze
Vase Mounting Option

Cor-Loc® mounting system:
Yes, I want to mount vase to a granite base [Add $16.00]

See further below for mounting instructions.


The Tiara is one of our smallest vases. However, we didn't cut back on style. The elegant look of the Tiara defines its hidden strength. Its graceful slender design is ideal for infant markers and single markers.

The Lawn/Flush Ground unit system provides a convenient way to meet cemetery regulations and easy maintenance. The optional Cor-Loc® system was specifically designed as a mounting device to attach the ring and canister to granite markers. The unit can be easily mounted onto a foundation, a marker, or placed directly into the ground. With the ability to make the vase disappear, allowing for quick and easy inversion, maintenance is made virtually hassle free. This provides safety and keeps each vase with its intended memorial. Simply twist, invert and place in the protective canister for storage or ground maintenance.


Vase Size: Liner: Lid:
3" x 10" 2" x 6 3/4" Not Available

5" Ground Unit:
Ring Diameter: Canister Dimension: Requires:
5 5/8" 4 3/4" x 10 3/4" 5" core hole

Cor-Loc Mounting System Instructions

Step 1:

Disconnect and remove the vase from the In-Gound unit before installation. Position In-Ground unit in core hole.

Step 2:

Place a piece of cardboard or carpet underneath to protect the face of the marker. Slide the Cor-Loc® over the In-Ground unit PVC canister and into the core hole.

Step 3:

With a hammer, drive the Cor-Loc® securely into the gap between the PVC Canister and granite. Alternate strikes to keep the Cor-Loc® level.
Continue to drive the Cor-Loc® in as far as possible.

Step 4:

Approximately 1" of the Cor-Loc® unit will be showing.
Place the marker into position and reconnect the vase to the chain. Installation is now complete.