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Samson Large Pet Monument

Samson Pet Upright Monument
Laser Pet Monument is shipped fully assembled

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Your Samson Upright Pet Monument Includes

  • A fully assembled all polished Jet Black granite tablet and base
  • Your pet's picture permanently engraved
  • A selection of artwork emblems to choose from
  • Includes engraving for name, dates & an epitaph
  • You will get to review a proof before production
  • Free Delivery within the 48 contiguous states
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Production lead time is 10-14 business days.

Pet Monument Size:
18" L x 2" W x 12" H (Tablet)
22" L x 6" W x 2" H (Base)

NOTE: If going to a pet cemetery, please make certain it meets their requirements or let us know to contact them for approval.

Our Price: $774.00


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A Befitting Pet Memorial For A Departed Pet

Your beloved pet brought many years of enjoyment and unconditional love. Always there, eager to play ball, lay under the covers or simply sit at your feet while watching TV. They are always loving and always forgiving especially those times when we get home in a bad mood. Let's face it, they are the perfect family even if only under a couple of feet tall. When they cross that rainbow bridge, it hurts, but it is important to remember them in a dignified manner.

Our Diamond upright pet headstones are unique in their design - just like your beloved pet. They are made from jet black granite and laser engraved with your favorite photo of your beloved pet. Each piece of granite is cut to size and highly polished giving it a mirror like finish.

Our art department carefully puts together a layout proof of the headstone before anything is laser engraved. Nothing is done until you give us the final approval on the layout. Once you do, it is engraved by a special laser engraving machine that perfectly etches your pets photo and design onto the stone. Just like the layout you approved.

After it has been engraved, a skilled team member carefully attaches the upright tablet to the headstone base using an industrial grade epoxy made especially for stone. To ensure a proper bond we let the epoxy cure for at least 24 hours. Your pet's upright headstone is then packaged utilizing special packaging foam and boxes made just for these monuments.

When your pet's upright headstone arrives, you will be amazed by the completed memorial. It will beautify your pet's grave site and permanently mark it for generations to come.

Production lead time is 10-14 business days before it ships out.

Approximate Weight: 85 lbs.


Available Fonts
In order to ensure the final product looks great, we will need the best possible photo(s) that you can provide. Here is a set of guidelines that will help you select the best photograph.


A digital photograph taken from a digital camera is always preferred over any other type of picture as they provide the best detail.

  • ALWAYS - submit raw data from your digital camera. Do not print it out then send it to us as we prefer the digital form of the photo. Also don�t crop or alter the images in any way If sending original hard copy prints taken from a film based camera they will be returned with your completed order.
  • TRY TO - submit a photo in which the subject is in contrast with the background.
  • TRY TO - submit a photo that shows the subject up close. Photographs showing the subject further away must be enlarged and the details will be diminished.
  • DO NOT - submit prints or copies of scanned photographs � the original is preferred.

REMEMBER - that even though a copy may look good enough to you, our professional equipment sees things that the human eye cannot. Inadequate submissions drastically reduce the quality of the finished product. Our goal is to help you to get the best possible reproduction of your loved one.


IMAGES FROM A DIGITAL CAMERA � Send the images from a digital camera as is with no alterations whatsoever.

SCANNED IMAGES - If you are scanning a hard copy make sure to:
  • Clean the scanning bed so no debris is picked up in the scan. Windex works great.
  • Scan the photo at a resolution of 600 dpi and DO NOT alter it in any other way.
  • Set the image size to at least 5" x 7" (portrait or landscape)
  • Digital image must be submitted in jpeg format (.jpg)
Be sure to include any cropping/layout instructions you desire (we will try our best to accommodate them).

Mail To: Everlife Memorials
Attn: Order Processing Dept.
5233 IH 37, Suite C-14
Corpus Christi, TX 78408

Email To: [email protected]

Make certain to reference your order number in the subject line as in the following example: Picture for order #1234