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Affordable Headstones: How to Find Discount & Cheap Headstones

Buying a headstone for the first time can be a tricky and unfamiliar territory. Upon visiting with the first monument dealer and inquiring about headstone prices one can be surprised by what they are quoted. This leads the buyer to search the internet with terms such as cheap headstones, discount headstones, affordable headstones and headstone prices. Four of the most popular terms searched on the internet regarding headstone prices. This is indicative that potential headstone buyers are looking for a good deal when buying a headstone.

Tips for finding an Affordable Headstone

Before you even start looking into headstone prices, the first thing one must do is check for cemetery restrictions that regulate the size, type and material of a headstone. This is very important because if you purchase a headstone that does not meet the cemetery requirements, they can refuse to install the memorial leaving you stuck with it.

Once you know the cemetery rules for headstones, you can start searching for an affordable headstone for your loved oneís grave space. Here are some things you can do to keep the headstone prices down:

  • Keep the lettering and design elements to a minimum. Some monument dealers charge per letter/word and for elaborate design work.
  • Choose a granite color such as gray or some other standard color that doesnít cost too much. Many of the premium granite colors also come with a hefty price.
  • If purchasing an upright monument, select a die (the top part that sits on the base) that has only two sides (front and back) polished. The more sides that are polished (i.e. top and side ends) will increase the cost of the monument.
  • Keep the overall size of the memorial towards the small to medium end. The bigger the monument the greater the price for it.
  • Omitting cemetery flower vases can also save at least a couple of hundred dollars in cost.

Where to Buy Your Headstone From

There are several places one can buy a headstone from: the cemetery, funeral home, monument dealer and the internet to name the most popular.

Which one do you choose? Well, thatís entirely up to you, but take your time and learn what each company has to offer for the price they are asking. Typically cemeteries have the highest prices, with monument dealers and funeral homes coming in next. Internet headstone dealers for the most part are where you will find discount headstones.

Why do internet companies offer the most affordable headstones? The two main reasons are competition and less overhead.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide where you will buy a headstone from, make sure to take your time, shop and compare, and thoroughly evaluate the company you intend to purchase from. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure they are a reputable company with few or no complaints against them. You can also see trustworthy reviews about the company on the BBB website. You donít want to buy the least expensive headstone from an unethical company that has numerous complaints against them, do you? Taking your time and doing your due diligence will assure you get the best deal possible.