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Design Ideas for Infant Headstones

With different design themes to consider when creating an infant headstone for a precious angel, how does one settle on a design? Coming up with a plan for an infant headstone design can originate by a peaceful walk through a serene cemetery. It is here that many ideas are realized. When one has the opportunity to view the beautiful artwork that graces the infant headstones and grave markers in a memorial park, it can make the design process a little easier.

Before we move further let us consider the material used to produce an infant memorial. Infant headstones are available in mainly two types of materials: bronze infant headstones and granite infant headstones.

Sandblasted Granite Headstones

These types of infant headstones are very common as they are usually the most economical. The granite surface is engraved by means of sandblasting the design and lettering onto the surface of the granite memorial. Although this method does not allow for the finest detail work, it does have good contrast. When properly engraved, the designs and lettering will be clearly visible for many, many years to come.

Laser Engraved Headstones

In the last 20 or so years laser technology has crossed over into the monument industry bringing new design possibilities with it. Laser engraving works mainly with Jet Black granite as it provides the optimal contrast with this color. The laser engraving machine can etch fine details and unique artwork onto the flat polished surface of the granite. Photographs, fine artwork and just about every conceivable design is possible with laser engraving technology.

Bronze Infant Headstones

Rich memorial bronze has the ability to capture very fine details that are not possible with granite. Bronze infant headstones are cast in relief form whereas the design is raised from the surface, featuring a sculptured effect. The raised portions of the bronze are brushed to reveal the natural bronze coloring which contrasts nicely with the dark painted background. Yet, with age this contrasting effect will be less apparent.

Infant Headstone Designs

Of the many design possibilities for infant headstones one of the most popular is the angel themed designs. These can vary from little cherub angels sleeping on a cloud to adult like angels carrying a baby or praying for the infant. Some of the other designs for infant headstones include:

  • Baby toys or items such as building blocks, a baby rattle, baby booties or a pacifier
  • Religious figures such as Jesus or Mary holding a child or infant
  • Animal designs such as: Lamb Designs, Teddy Bear Designs and Bunny Designs

These examples should give you some ideas, you can also visit our bronze or granite infant headstones page to view more design ideas.

Personalizing Infant Headstones

Upon the selection of an infant headstone design, now is the time to personalize the memorial with a name and date(s). When lettering an infant memorial with the child's name, many parents choose to include a nickname. If the infant was a stillborn, the birth/death date is traditionally represented as a single date on the memorial.


Emblems are small design elements that can be added to most infant headstones in an effort to further personalize the memorial. There are numerous emblem choices many of which carry symbolic meaning. These emblems can be added to the design of most infant headstones.

Epitaphs, Verses & Inscriptions

If there is enough space on the infant headstone a short epitaph or inscription can complete the personalization process of the memorial. Epitaphs such as:
  • Sleep, my little one, sleep
  • Remembering a tiny angel
  • So small, so sweet, so soon

are commonly used as they emphasize the preciousness of the child.

Hopefully these ideas will help you in choosing an infant headstone design for your precious loved one. For more design ideas you can visit our infant headstones catalog and view the different options available for infant headstones.You may also consult the following articles for related reading materials.