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Epitaphs for Males - Father, Son, Brother

Unique words to individualize the character, devotion, generosity and success of a man's life. If you need help in choosing or creating an epitaph these will serve as a good starting point.

M- 1
If there is another world, he lives in bliss
If not another, he made the most of this

M- 2
We laughed at him because he was different.
He laughed at us because we were all the
same. We will never laugh the same again.

M- 3
Only those who risk going too far will ever know
how far they can go. We will always remember
just how far our wonderful boy could go!

M- 4
Each life is like a letter of the alphabet. Alone
it can be meaningless. Or, like his beautiful
years with us, it can be part of a great meaning.

M- 5
He always stood for what was right and good.
And for this we shall forever cherish his memory.

M- 6
What lies behind him and what lies before
him are tiny matters compared to what lied within him

M- 7
He achieved success here because he
lived well, laughed often and loved much.
We'll forever miss you, Daddy!

M- 8
He left the world knowing he was loved.
Nothing in life could be a more precious gift.
You'll always be in our heart, son!

M- 9
He always did the things he thougt
he couldn't do. Thank you for your
courage and inspiration.

M- 10
He never heard opportunity knock
because he was too busy building
doors. Don't forget us!

M- 11
His true wealth was in his generous heart.
And what endless wealth he did have.

M- 12
It is not length of life, but depth of life.
He jumped into life and never touched bottom.