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Headstone Designs: Selecting a Fitting Design for Your Loved One

When a loved one has passed away we are left with a void in our lives that is immeasurably vast. After the memorial service and subsequent cemetery burial, there is an unmarked grave in need of a headstone or grave marker. Headstone designs are a way for us to make a visual connection with the one we so dearly miss.

The Designing Process

After the burial has taken place and a little time has passed, we are able to reflect upon the significance of our loved one and the life they lived. It is within these moments that inspiration to create a headstone design may settle upon us. It is suggested that some time be taken to thoroughly consider possibilities for a headstone design, as the permanence and cost of a completed headstone will not allow for a second take.

Ideas For Headstone Designs

Headstone designs are generally reflective of the individual's personality whose grave they are meant to mark. If the person was a big nature lover there are designs that carry an outdoor motif such as evergreens or a mountain scene to set a breathtaking background. Also in this vein of headstone designs are numerous floral patterns derived from such popular flowers as roses, dogwoods, lilies and tulips.

Floral headstone designs are very popular in today's American culture. Each flower has a symbolic meaning and for this reason the are chosen to grace the design of a loved one's memorial.

If religion played a big part in the person's life, there are numerous religious themed headstone designs available. If a religion is not represented among the headstone designs available, then any design can be accented through the use of religious emblems or symbols.

Another popular theme for headstone design is sports and recreation. Often we have seen headstones designed around the person's favorite sports team or a recreational hobby they used to partake in. It is designs like these that we wish to remember our loved ones by.

Personalizing The Headstone

Upon settling on a headstone design, now comes the task of personalizing the headstone. Typically the person's name and life dates are engraved or cast on the headstone depending on the material.

Emblems and symbols are usually 3" - 4" in size and can be either cast on a bronze headstone, sandblasted on a granite headstone or lasered onto a black granite headstone. Emblems come in the widest array of subjects such as animals, flowers, religious icons, military credentials, sports, music and all sorts of vehicles to name but a few. Their purpose is to further personalize the memorial of the person it is for.

With the need to personalize a headstone, more and more individuals are choosing headstone designs that incorporate a ceramic picture. Ceramic pictures or portraits are the result of a proprietary process that enables the likeness of a loved one to be emblazoned on a ceramic or porcelain tile. They are available in both color and black & white versions and many shapes such as oval, rectangular, circular, and heart shapes.

Headstone Epitaphs & Verses

If there is enough room left on the headstone, you can choose a beautiful epitaph to compliment the design. Some choose to borrow from existing epitaphs while others prefer to create their own or rely on other sources such as biblical scripture.

The overall design coupled with a fitting epitaph or verse will make for a truly unique memorial that will serve as an everlasting tribute to the one you love.

Before committing to a finished product it is wise to first sketch out a plan for the headstone design or have the monument company who is handling your order do so. This gives you the opportunity to review the work to be created and make any changes before it is too late. Most monument dealers will offer a layout proof of the memorial showing how it will look before it is produced.