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Installing a Ceramic Picture On A Headstone

Installing The Picture
Please read carefully before attempting to install the picture. This step by step manual was created for the installation of ceramic tombstone pictures. You may want to print this out for future reference.

Tip: It is highly recommended that the surface be polished granite or a smoothed bronze finish in order for a secure bond to occur. Also make sure the temperature is above 60F and there is no moisture on the mounting surface.

Step 1

Measure for th placement of the ceramic photoFirst find the place on the monument or memorial where you would like to place the picture. In this case we have selected the space above the wife's name panel. Clean very well with a mixture of 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and nothing else. The larger pictures and ones with frames come with a primer to apply to the stone prior to placing on the memorial. Place a piece of tape in the approximate center of where the picture will sit. Using a ruler make a mark where the center of the picture will reside.

Step 2

Measure the size of the photo Measure the ceeramic photoOnce you have your center point marked, proceed to measure the picture for the height and width dimensions. If you have a center finding ruler this will make the job much easier.

Step 3
Place tape on monument Please tape on headstoneUsing pieces tape, place the inside edges of them the same distance from the center as the outer edge of the picture is. Do this for the height and width of the picture.

Step 4

Remove tape backing from ceramic photoOnce you have the tape markings in place step away from the memorial and check to make sure the position looks proper. You may also want to place the picture (adhesive backing still intact) against the memorial and within the markings to make sure they are accurate. After you have determined everything is okay, remove the center piece of tape on the memorial and wipe clean with the water/alcohol solution. Proceed to peel the back (marked with the word "tape") of the picture to expose the adhesive backing.

Step 5

Place ceramic photo in position and press against headstoneThen holding the picture securely in your hands place it within the tape markings without quite touching the memorial making sure you have it in position. After you have lined the picture within the marking, place it onto the memorial and press firmly against it for a few moments.
Note: This is a permanent bond and cannot be removed once set, so make certain it is in the right position before applying it.

Step 6
Completed ceramic photo installationAfter the picture has been set, remove the pieces of tape and clean any residue the tape may have left behind. If these instructions have been followed properly you should have no trouble with the installation. If there is any uncertainty of your abilities with regard to installation, you can always have a monument company or the cemetery install it for a nominal charge.