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Available Memorial Headstone Styles

Memorial Headstones are used to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. For headstones have been used to mark the resting place of a dearly beloved family member. All over the world every culture uses some kind of headstone as a tribute to their dead. Headstones are placed in a cemetery usually at the head of the grave and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes. They are usually made from durable materials such as granite or bronze as these materials have been proven to endure the elements over long periods of time.

Most Common Styles Used

While there are too many distinct styles of headstones used in cemetery memorialization we will cover the main ones currently used. They are made mostly from granite as this is the most durable stone available. Bronze is another material used, but in a very limited style.

Upright Monuments

This is one of the most common types of memorial headstones sold throughout the country. An upright monument consist of the die, that is the upright tablet, and a base, the bottom pedestal is sets upon. The base is usually longer than the die allowing room on either side for the placement of cemetery vases. There are literally hundreds of shapes and styles one can choose from. Other common names for this style are: stand up headstones, upright gravestones, standing tombstones, etc.

Slant Markers

Slant markers are designed so the front face of the marker is slanted from the bottom being wider than the top. The back of the marker is straight so only the face slants back as it rises. These types of monuments make it easier to read the carving and lettering. Slant markers can be sold with or without a granite base of the same color. Just like upright monuments, the base can be made longer to accommodate vases. Other common names are: slant headstones, K markers, slant gravestones.

Bevel Markers

These types of markers are almost flat, but the back part of the marker is about two inches higher than the front creating a gentle slope. This allows for water runoff and makes it easier to view the lettering and design. Other common names foe these are: pillow markers, hickey markers, bevel gravestones.

Flat Markers

As the name states, these markers are flat and rectangle in shape. They are designed to be set flush with the ground and can be used for single or companion graves. They are the most economical type of memorial as they use the least amount of granite and can be made in small sizes. Other common names for these are: flat gravestones, flush markers, grass markers and lawn level markers.

Bronze & Granite Markers

Just as the name implies, these memorials consist of a bronze plaque cast with the name, dates, epitaph and design for a loved one. They are then mounted to a solid base made of granite which is then placed at the head of a grave space. A majority of the time they are made with a bronze vase that can be turned upside down into the vase hole for storage when not in use. Other common names for this style are: bronze plaques, bronze memorial headstones and bronze memorials.

Final Thoughts

These are but a few of the most popular memorial headstones used in cemeteries today. Of course throughout time other styles have come and gone and can still be seen in some of the older parts of cemeteries around the country. Since granite can be fashioned into just about any shape, there are limitless possibilities when designing a headstone for a loved one.