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Ordering a Grave Marker in Time for Memorial Day

Memorial Day will be upon us in no time. During this holiday a host of festivities across the country will occur. Parades will be scheduled, sporting events will take place and families in all corners of the US will gather to enjoy the three day weekend that is afforded to them. What started as a day to honor those who died during service in the military forces has evolved to a day in which we honor anyone close to us who has passed away.

It is on this day that many families will visit cemeteries to pay their respects to a loved one. When visiting a loved one’s grave, it is the grave marker that serves as a focal point when we communicate our thoughts and feelings to that person. If the grave space has not yet been marked with a grave marker, now is the time to make plans to order one (assuming you are reading this at least 3 months from Memorial Day).

Ordering a Grave Marker

The time it takes to manufacture a grave marker can vary. Many factors come into play such as the company you are purchasing from, the complexity of the design and the level of customization. In general, a standard grave marker or headstone can take on average about 2-3 months for production and delivery to the cemetery. Some monument dealers can get it out sooner and some may take longer, but this is a good estimate.

If you are planning on ordering a grave marker for placement by Memorial Day, it is best to start early enough so there is no last minute rushing about to get it delivered and installed. We recommend the following steps to ensure you have the grave marker in place by Memorial Day.

1. Check with the Cemetery for Restrictions

Before any grave marker is ordered, you first need to know what the cemetery requirements are. You can acquire from their office a copy of the rules and regulations. Within this document there should be a section stipulating what material, size and type of grave markers are allowed for placement on the grave. Also ask them how long they need to install a grave marker once it is delivered. Some cemeteries can install them within a few days to a week, but installations can be held up by bad weather or scheduled burial services, which cemeteries always prioritize. Make sure to consider the time to install the grave marker along with the production time a dealer gives you when deciding how much total time is needed.

2. Consult Family Members about the Grave Marker Options

If you have several family members involved in this project, meet with them to formulate a general idea of what kind of grave marker you will be buying. It is best to consider in advance simple details such as the design theme, personalization, an epitaph and other options such as a cemetery vase or granite color. Having a general idea of what you want will give you a starting point when shopping around.

3. Meet With Monument Dealers

You can set up meetings with potential monument dealers to get an idea if they can provide the memorial you want within the time you need it. Make sure to have any questions you need answered written and handy when meeting with them. Ask for samples of their work. If you are considering an online company, you may want to read the article titled Tips for Buying Head Stones Online. Whichever company you decide to go with, make sure you get some kind of assurance that the grave marker will be delivered within the time they propose.

4. Order the Grave Marker

Once you have all the information needed, proceed with placing the grave marker on order. Do not spend too much time mulling over it, especially if you are having family members come into town to visit to your loved one’s grave. It is best to add at least 2-4 weeks to the total time you estimate will be needed to produce, deliver and install the grave marker. This will allow some additional time for leeway.